Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray Review

A pleasant day to all beautiful! here is my Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray Review!

This is the second post in a new series I’m doing, where all 4 products I’m looking at are as clear as a cloudless day…

Today I’m looking at Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray.


Here’s what it claims to do: Helps fine hair achieve styling lift-off, but also works wonders on any hair type – thick, thin, or otherwise. Who’s it for? Anyone. When should you use it? Anytime; after Prep or Tonic Lotion and before heated tools (or any sort of setting). How do they suggest you use it? Spray on damp hair evenly by sections; work through and style. So what do I think? I’ve talked it about this product before – you can see my initial review here. What it comes down to, is that I love a product that works. I have long, thick hair that annoys hairdressers, but I still love a bit of va-va-voom thickness and volume, and Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray does exactly that without the drama of having to use a lots of products and tools that it usually takes to get volume. I apply it when my hair is still damp, and usually spray 3-4 times into different sections of my hair. Then I use my fingers to work it in, and finish it off by blow drying with a Parlux. The thing is with this product though, is that it’s a gateway drug, almost – it’s so good that now I’m super curious to sample other parts of their line. You can buy Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray at Mecca Cosmetica, for $50. It’s expensive for what it is, but it seriously lasts forever. The photograph above is my bottle, I use it all the time and there’s 80% left. Crazypants.

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