Bring Luxury to Your Style with Silk

Luxurious, light, and breezy fabric, silk is definitely a good choice for bringing some luxurious touch in warmer calendar months. Though silk can be beautiful when worn fitted, keeping it relaxed and loose is ideal during the warm months since this breezy fabric allows your skin to breathe. And the great thing, silk is widely available in various fashion pieces such as tops, dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, and even accessories like scarves.

silk scarf

silk headscarf

Genuine silk can be a bit pricey so the key is to look for pieces you can wear for various occasions. Silk scarves are a wonderful alternative to jewelry as they add color, texture, and interest to any outfit especially if you are going for a minimalist look. It dresses up a plain outfit like a basic tank top and distressed jeans and adds some touch to a glamorous look without making it overdone.

metallic silver dress geometric silk dress silk blue dress silk printed dress

Wearing silk fabric in the form of dresses can be the toughest way you can wear silk as it can be an eyesore because of its glossy touch. The best trick is to choose a silk dress that has a simple design and silhouette. You may opt for a patterned silk dress with abstract patterns, watercolor prints, or even geometric prints for a statement piece. Also, a plain colored silk dress like a silver button-down is simpler but elegant. You may also want to think of the accessories you’ll be wearing with your silk dress. To dress down your glamorous style, you may wear something that screams casual like sneakers. But to dress them up for a formal affair, you may wear classic pumps or stilettos.

silk pink pants silk shorts diamond pants

It’s just the perfect silk shorts and silk pants to revamp your casual style. To keep it more casual, stick to tops like a basic tee, denim top, or leather top rather than the dressy ones. On the other hand, to keep it sophisticated, opt for feminine tops like floral blouses and such. Just Slip on a pair of boots, sandals, or flat shoes and you’re good to go.

navy silk skirt silk skirt sequined top purple silk sirt

Silk skirts are very fancy and look great with formal tops like sleek blouses, chiffon blouses, and even sequined tops. But when you pair it with something laid-back like an oversized sweater or a graphic tee, your silk skirt will give an elegant touch to your style without people thinking that you’re going to a party.

silk top silk jacket silk blazer

Silk tops such as blouses, crop tops, jackets, and blazers are a sartorial statement. You’ll get more out of the tops if you opt for solid neutrals such as navy, browns, black, and whites as these classic colors go with absolutely everything to create different styles and looks. Silk tops add some glam and shine to your outfit to achieve a stylish look without the stiff price.

Look glamorous and chic in an effortless way and bring luxury to your style with silk.

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