Bridesmaid Fashion Ideas for Summer Weddings

So your best friend is getting married, big deal. Before you pine and whine over your next to non-existent love life, remember that you have to be happy for your pal! And if you want a remedy to your ailing love life, you can probably get the attention of some groomsmen with these enticing bridesmaid fashion ideas for summer weddings.

Off-Shoulder Dress

If exposing too much skin is against your values, then the best bridesmaid fashion ideas for summer weddings is that of an off-shoulder dress. It showcases one of your sexiest parts – the shoulders – without baring too much of you. Best of all, it allows you to cool off this summer – especially if you are attending a garden or beach ceremony.

white off shoulder dress

off shoulder bridesmaid dresses

Grecian Dress

If the bride is all set for a beach or garden ceremony, then she’ll surely wear a light, airy dress. Make sure to match this aura by wearing a Grecian dress. This is perhaps one of the finest bridesmaid fashion ideas for summer weddings, as it suits most shapes and sizes with its draping and what not. Most importantly, it’s vivacious enough that you will not have to worry about sweating throughout the tear-jerking event.

grecian dressesgrecian dresses

Embellished Dress

If you want bridesmaid fashion ideas that will stun majority of people, then go for an embellished dress. A little sparkle here and there won’t hurt, that’s for sure. But since the summer sun can be too much, it is best if you went for embellished dresses in neutral colors. Avoid the too shiny ones, as it can render people temporarily blind during the wedding ceremony. Of course, make sure to tone down your accessories as well as you would not want to look like a misplaced disco ball.

embellished bridesmaid dresses silver embellished bridesmaid dresses sequined dresses

Muted Colors

Summer weddings have always been associated with bright, cheery colors. But if the bride is gunning for unique bridesmaid fashion ideas, then why not go for the complete opposite – muted colors? They might be sad for some, but these gloomy shades can actually muffle the bright colors of the surroundings (especially in flower-laden wedding ceremonies.) Examples of great hues include berry, blush, and gunmetal.

blush bridesmaid dresses nude bridesmaid dresses gunmetal bridesmaid dress

Mix and Match

For sure, all of you bridesmaids are not amenable to the bride’s choice of color motif. So if you are thinking of unique bridesmaid fashion ideas for summer weddings, why not suggest a mix and match affair? The bridesmaids can work on a ‘base color’ and work their way from there.

mix and match bridesmaid dresses mix and match dresses

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