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Hello pretties!
Today I have something special to share with you, and that is an extensive brand review of an amazing company that I was given the opportunity to work with recently!

Reviva Labs is an amazing company specializing in treating and perfecting the skin. Their company offers a wide variety of products from light skin peels to primers to stretch mark creams. All products are 100% safe, paraben free, and fitting for all skin types and skin problems – from acne to aging!

Reviva Labs was generous enough to send me three products to try out, and I have to say, regardless of them being sent or not, I absolutely love these products!

Reviva Labs DMAE & Alpha Lipoic Acid & Vitamin C Ester Firming Eye Serum
Reviva Labs Makeup Primer
Reviva Labs Non-Chemical Light Skin Peel


If you are interested in hearing more about these products and my experience, please stay tuned!

Firming Eye Serum

2 Reviva Labs DMAE & Alpha Lipoic Acid & Vitamin C Ester Firming Eye Serum



This product was my number one, I have been really anxious to start a preventative skin care routine, including an eye serum. With constantly tugging under your eye to apply concealer or foundation, the delicate skin is bound to have an increased chance of wrinkling.
I began using this product a little under two weeks ago, and saw a difference within 4 days. The skin under my eyes felt more moisturized, and my concealer and foundation went on effortlessly, with no added tugging or pulling. I also noticed that the product smoothed the fine lines under my eyes and allowed my concealer to go on more precisely and stay on without settling in.

How I use this product is simple – I apply a small pump onto my middle finger and lightly dab the product under my eyes. Once I have dabbed it on evenly, I lightly sweep any excess product that hasn’t soaked in yet back and forth under my eye. I do this after I wash my face in the morning, and I also use it when I wash my face at night.

When you look at the ingredients inside of this serum, it can be a little overwhelming, so Reviva Labs kindly sent me a sheet listing the main benefits of these ingredients :

DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Wheat Protein help firm and fight under eye bags and puffiness
– Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C Ester antioxidants help protect against future damage
– Mulberry and Lime help lighten dark circles
– Hyaluronic Acid and Allantonin, in a unique blending, moisturize and texturize the area under your eye

As you can see, the benefits of this product are endless, and aim to help you with all your under eye concerns.

This product can be found on for $19.00 (1 oz.)


Makeup Primer


5 make up primer- directions

Another exciting product to try out – the Makeup Primer. Primers are definitely a luxury in your makeup routine. They are not completely necessary, but you will notice a dramatic difference when you use one vs. when you do not. They are also extremely helpful for those who have certain skin types, because they can suppress oil or hydrate dry skin.

I have been trying this product for the same amount of time, and I really do love it, with the exception of one minor detail. I absolutely love the way my foundation looks when this primer is added into my routine, however the primer is not oil free, and I have extremely oily skin, so I do find my t-zone area getting a little shiny through out the day. The primer says that it helps control excess oil, and I do agree that it keeps oil at bay, but for those of us who have very oily skin, it doesn’t control it as well if you were to use a primer specifically dedicated to oily skin. This primer I think would be better suited to those with normal to dry skin.

Benefits of this product :
– Perfects skin by refining the texture. Fills in lines, conceals pores, and controls excess oil
– Helps skin instantly look and feel smooth and silky
-Helps makeup foundation last longer (also safe as an eye primer!)
– COQ10 adds protective antioxidant action
– For any skin type, even oily, you get the control you want along with soft supple skin.
– Completely fragrance free and non-comedogenic (which means it won’t cause clogged pores and breakouts)

The Makeup Primer can be found at for $19.50 (1 fl. oz)


Light Skin Peel

6 Light Skin Peel

7 Light Skin Peel back packaging

8 Light Skin Peel directions

9 Light Skin Peel - the product


I always get excited when I get to try a new face mask or peel. I’m not sure why but ever since I was young I always loved watching people get facials or playing with face masks.

This peel is so very unique, it goes on very lightly (and you only need a little so it literally lasts forever!) and it dries on your skin, embedding dead cells into the lotion so when it peels off, you are removing dead skin.

After I wash my face, I apply this, and let it sit for 5 minutes. After that, you can sort of stretch your face by smiling and frowning to loosen the peel, then peel it off manually. For a quicker removal, you can take a warm wash cloth and wipe the peel off for the same effect.

I noticed the results after one use, it made my skin feel so much smoother. Everyone even noticed that my skin tone was improving as well!

Benefits of this product –
– The only product of it’s kind. The next best treatment to a professional salon facial.
– No harsh chemicals, no skin irritations
– Improves skin appearance faster than any other product
– Super effective for ethnic skin type, removes any traces of ashiness quickly
– Exfoliation is no recommended by dermatologists as a part of their acne treatment program, as well as for aging skin.
– Reviva Labs introduced the concept of exfoliation to health food stores over 26 years ago. At that time, no major brand talked about exfoliation.

What is important about exfoliation?
“As we get older, the cell renewal process of the skin slows down and dead cells accumulate on the skin’s surface, dulling skin as well as blocking pores. When Light Peel removes the dead cells, it reveals the fresher cells beneath. Our Peel ingredients also stimulate the deeper new cells to move upward at a faster rate – causing the skin survice to look tighter, clearer and healthier”
-Reviva Labs

The Light Skin Peel can be found at for $20.00 (1.5 fl. oz)

I hope that this review has allowed you to find some new skin care products to amp up your routine.
Will you be visiting Reviva Labs?




FTC: All products were generously sent by Reviva Labs for consideration. The review was 100% optional, and is 100% my honest opinion, as always.


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