Hello everyone , here is my review of BOURJOIS “CHOCOLATE” BRONZING POWDER

For so long my translucent skin and I have lived in fear of all bronzing products. I have experienced much disappointment in reading or watching reviews of bronzing powders, creams and tints that look so beautiful on other people but a streaky orange mess on me. As I have stated before on here, I usually use a darker MAC blush such as “Harmony” or “Warm Soul” to get the contouring effect, resigned to the fact that bronzers are just not for me. In a last attempt, expecting nothing, I decided to pick up the Bourjois Paris “Delice de Poudre” Bronzing powder. I apologize if that is not the product’s real name but there are so many damn words on the packaging I just picked those ones. You probably know the one that I am talking about anyway, it is referred to as the “chocolate” bronzer by many other blogs.BOURJOIS CHOCOLATE BRONZING POWDER review
As I am sure you can see, I picked it up in shade 51, the lighter of the two shades available. I’m still not 100% sure why it is called the “chocolate bronzer”. Is it because it looks like a chocolate bar or because it smells like chocolate? Or both? Am I being an idiot about this? Probably, but back to the important stuff. This is a “drugstore” bronzer that you can pick up in Boots of Superdrug for £4.99. As it is a drugstore brand, I was hardly expecting anything but figured that for a fiver if it was terrible it didn’t matter.BOURJOIS chocolate BRONZING POWDER
I just used my usual contour brush to apply this and just lightly dust it onto the cheeks. To my surprise it is absolutely wonderful! The colour is just the perfect bronze colour for someone with skin like mine and I imagine shade 52 is perfect for darker skin colours. It gives a nice sun-kissed look to the cheeks and doesn’t even leave a hint of orange. It is also matte which I love because I am not the biggest fan of shimmery bronzers.
I am sure you all know how to contour but if you don’t it’s as simple as sucking in your cheeks to make that funny ducky face and dusting a line just on the underside of your cheek bone. You should start from your hair line and work in but be sure not to go much further than the edge of your eye!
Here are two pictures so you can get a good idea of the product’s colour and texture. One close up and one far away. As with all my pictures, I sat beside the window to take this photo so all the light is natural to give you the truest idea of the colour.bourjois chocolate bronzer review
bourjous chocolate bronzing powder review photo
In conclusion, not only is it the most inexpensive bronzer I have ever used but it is probably the BEST. Yes, I said it, Bourjois chocolate bronzing bowder  is the best bronzer I have ever used! I am going to go and pick a few more up just in case they sell out of stop producing them and I suggest you do to. The smell, the finish and the colour are simply wonderful. I just received the Soleil Tan De Chanel so that will be the bronzer I try next!

Have you tried this chocolate bronzer?
Were you as taken with it as me?
Let me know!