Borjana Radovic: How to Add Some Edge to Your Street Looks

Whether your style is classic, androgynous, avant-garde, contemporary, glam rock, or bohemian, you can add some edge with unusual outfit juxtapositions. Lots of black, leather, and distressed fabrics are great for creating that edgy touches, but details like pastels, lots of white, and soft flowing fabrications are also compatible with an edgy statement. If you feel in a rut, bored and want to shake things up, let’s have some inspiration to recapture that edge to create a statement on your street looks.

From Vienna, Austria, Borjana Radovic is a lawyer and fashion blogger known for her edgy street look whether she’s on classic, rock-chic, and androgynous style. In Beeswonderland, her personal fashion and lifestyle blog, she shares her sartorial choices, shopping inspiration, fashion thoughts and everything else that inspire her in between.

bandana with casual chic outfit

loafers with classic outfit

Bandanas, footwear, sunglasses, handbags, and even hairstyles are powerful vehicles for edgy style. Borjana simply wore a bandana scarf with her casual chic outfit and a pair of loafers with her classic outfit to bring some edge on a typical look. Like her, you can add a significant amount of edge to a conventional outfit just by sporting a pair of men’s inspired shoes like brogues, oxfords, and loafers. Other stylish footwear like lace-up sandals, baroque shoes, and gladiators ups the edge factor of an outfit since the style is particularly unique and interesting.

leather jumpsuit

Leather material is known to be the edgy fabric that adds some edge to your style in an instant. Think of leather dress, skirt, trousers, tops, corsets, jumpsuits, and even a jacket that are versatile enough to complement your wardrobe ensembles. Like Borjana, you may wear your tennis shoes with your leather jumpsuit to balance the edgy and casual feel.

denim jumpsuit denim skirt with striped shirt patchwork jeans with white top transluscent heels with denim skirt

If you’re a fan of denim, wear then in an unconventional way for an edgy touch. Wearing clothing in unexpected ways creates outfit proportions that are flattering. Like Borjana, instead of sporting a basic tee with patchwork style jeans, she wore a classic wrap coat that is supposed to be worn with a pencil skirt. Also, instead of wearing denim-on-denim ensembles, Borjana wore a denim jumpsuit and oxfords as her statement footwear. Button-down shirts are best worn with pencil skirts or pants, but Borjana paired a mid-calf denim skirt with mules. You can too be creative by wearing denim in amazing and surprising ways.

blue shirtdress fur coat with jogger pants and mules knitted vest with skirt tropical print suit

Men-inspired clothing and unisex pieces bring some masculine touch that gives an edgy vibe. Opt for button down shirts, knitted vests, suits, tuxedos, jogger pants, crew-neck tees and such. Just dress them up with more elegant pieces like a fur coat, chiffon blouse, chic sunglasses, statement heels and such. You just have to remember the fact that the way you wear an item that makes the difference, not the style of the piece itself.

black poncho with skinny pants halter maxidress with lace up sandals oversized top with flared pants

When looking for edgy pieces, aim for interesting details and not only because they are practical, comfortable, or cute. Little details make a big difference and can add something to your overall style that makes it truly unique. Details like zippers, pockets, buttons, and styles like overflowing fabrics, oversized, asymmetrical cuts, and interesting necklines are the great statement to opt for.

lace up gladiators with poncho white jumpsuit with lace up heels white lace dress with gladiator sandals white off shoulder blouse with black pants

When you’re in doubt, just stick to neutral shades. An all-white outfit, all-black outfit, and a head-to-toe neutral outfit looks bold and edgy. How much more when you spice them up with edgy accessories like gladiator sandals, lace up shoes, chic sunglasses and such. An edgy look is never perfectly pretty and never perfectly classic, but it’s somewhere between. So, don’t be afraid to rough things up till you get that edgy look right.

snake print jumpsuit

Of all the prints, animal prints give the edgiest and fiercest statement. Like Borjana, you may wear a snake print jumpsuit or even a fur vest in animal print style. Wearing animal print ensembles is an effortless way to look edgy in an instant so welcome these prints in your collection.

Edginess can be stylish if you’re comfortable challenging convention. Express yourself and set your own rules so you’ll create your own signature edge that taps into your individual essence.





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