Boots Extract Mango Sugar Scrub Review

Hi Bellas, Here is my new Boots Extract Mango Sugar Scrub Review.

Boots Extract Mango Sugar Scrub

Boots Extract Mango Sugar Scrub Review

Boots Extract Mango Sugar Scrub Butter

I picked this up last Christmas in the amazing sale Boots do on their gift sets. It came with a partnering Mango body butter, which I really loved the smell and consistency of. Now I wear a lot of fake tan, and whilst the nice golden glow gives me a better outlook on life, it is an absolute nightmare to remove. I get very ridiculous patches around my elbow joint and hands, so I need a good exfoliator to help budge it a bit quicker.

You know some scrubs that leave a kind of oily residue even after you’ve washed it off? This is one of those. Although it smells lovely and has a great gritty texture, it just leaves your skin feeling a little unfinished, like you haven’t washed it off properly. I like my scrubs to be quite harsh on the skin, which probably isn’t healthy but I’d rather get my tan off in one session rather than three. Someone seriously needs to come up with a fake tan remover!

So if you like your scrubs to leave a kind of barrier of moisture and aren’t too harsh on the skin I’d recommend this. Definitely when they have a discount as well!

Have you tried any scrubs like this?

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