Boho Styling Tips for Petites

The bohemian or gypsy look has taken the center stage lately, mostly because summer is filled with music festivals that call for this kind of style. While it works seamlessly with tall, slender women, there are some issues with the petites. If you fall under this cute height category, worry not, as you can pull off the gypsy look simply by following these boho styling tips for petites.

Take a Dive

When it comes to boho styling tips, it is important that you exude self-confidence. This is especially the case if you are petite. After all, you are going to need pretty daring pieces, such as a low-cut top or dress. Since it exposes your collarbone, it creates the illusion of a longer torso – which means you will look taller to most people!

black low cut top

low cut top

Fringe is your Friend

Fringe is an integral part of boho styling tips. Fortunately, petites like you can enjoy this trend as well. Be careful when wearing fringe though, as you would not want a top or skirt that overwhelms your tiny frame. For a perfect bohemian look, make sure to utilize a fringe piece that fits you like a glove.

vanessa hudgens fringe top knitted fringe dress

Show your Legs

Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are focal to most boho styling tips. While they can overwhelm your petite frame, you can get away with maxi outfits – just make sure they bear a high slit. Remember, showing your legs can make you look longer and leaner. Just make sure you have waxed or shaved your legs prior to wearing such frocks!

high slit maxi dress high slit maxi skirt

Flare it Up

Boho styling tips are rendered incomplete without the use of flared pants. While denim flared pants are highly recommended, you can always play around with unique colors and vibrant prints. Of course, make sure to wear this with heels – or else you will look like a hobbit swimming in a swathe of fabric.

vanessa hudgens flared pants denim flared pants

Wear an A-Line Skirt

With the resurgence of 70’s fashion, rugged a-line skirts have a comeback. A favorite amongst many stars, you should consider this item for your boho styling tips. After all, a high-waisted A-line skirt can make you look taller. It works by magically stretching your bottom half, making your legs look leaner and longer.

mini a-line skirt denim a-line skirt

Platforms are for Petites

Platforms are the perfect shoes for petites who wish to adhere to boho styling tips. To wit, it can enhance your height without punishing your feet. Platforms look great with most bohemian pieces, such as flared pants or A-line skirts.

vanessa hudgens platform shoes platform sandals

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