Blair Eadie: How to Wear Rain Boots Stylishly

Along with the chilly temperature that comes cold months, the drizzle-ready rubber rain boots are one of the footwear that comes in handy, but pulling it off stylishly will be a challenging task. It may not be the most fashionable footwear existing, but a great styling does the trick. Our renowned San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific blog mastered the pulling off the rain boots stylishly blending her versatile, elegant, and unique fashion sense in her street looks. Indeed, she always knows how to set an appealing spin on classic wardrobe pieces, even on not so stylish ones that convey personality and trademark through style. Keep on scrolling to be inspired by her style.

jeans and colorful shawl with rain boots

skinny jeans and floral coat with rain boots checkered top and leggings with rain boots casual outfit with rain boots bright jacket with rain boots

For a casual cool take on the style, wear your rain boots them with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings. Being in the middle of a downpour will certainly leave you with wet jeans that will be uncomfortable to walk in so a pair of rain boots will not only be functional but also practical that will look great in a great styling. Blair Eadie creatively spiced her looks with a colorful shawl and a bright coat that draw the attention away from the not so stylish footwear.

structured coat with rain boots sweater and skirt with rain boots

You may wear leg warmers or socks that peek slightly over your boots to add some style to your looks making it look intentional. Leg warmers are usually knitted or made in a thick material which helps in its function as leg warmers. When picking for socks or leg warmers, go for one that contrast to the color of the boots like a pair of gray socks with red or black rain boots.

anchor print dress with rain boots peasant shirt dress with rain boots striped dress and pink coat with rain boots striped dress with rain boots red coat dress with rain boots

Blair Eadie also wears her rain boots with dresses to give off a feminine vibe, and the result is looking as chic as when you are wearing a pair of velvet knee-high boots. Dresses that fall a few inches above your knees or around mid-thighs are suggested to show a couple of inches of skin between the rain boots and the hemline of your dress like Blair did. This way, you give a taller illusion that petite ladies would want to take note of.

striped shirt dress with rain boots graphic top and skirt with rain boots matching blouse and skirt with rain boots tulle skirt with rain bootsskirt and coat with rain boots striped skirt and sailor top with rain boots striped top with skirt and rain boots

For colder seasons like fall and winter, layering tights underneath your rain boots is great. Now when it’s slightly warm outdoors, you might want to take away the tights and be bare-legged. Feminine tops or casual tops with skirts is another great combination that you can wear with rain boots to dress them up. Like Blair, you may go for thick fabrics on your skirt like neoprene, tulle, or cashmere that will definitely give off a casual and laid back look while keeping you dressy. Take note that your skirts versatility depends on its silhouette whether it’s stiff or flowing making you feel relaxed and cooler than body-fitting ones.

trench coat with rain boots military coat with rain boots rain coat with rain boots duffel coat with rain boots chic coat with rain boots

You could also revamp the cold weather look that rain boots instantly create by slipping on a stylish coat over your chosen top-and-bottom outfit like Blair did. Casual outerwear like puffer jacket and army coat give you a casual feel while a trench coat and structured coat dress up your outfit making it look sleek and polished. When you choose a pair of rain boots with your stylish coat, it will certainly result to a chic and fashionable look.

So, you can now copy Blair Eadie’s style without the fear of making your legs look bulkier and your outfit underdressed. As in fact, rain boots protect you from sloshes from dirty puddles on the street while still looking chic.



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