Blair Eadie: 6 Fashionable Ways to Layer Your Winter Clothes

As the temperature gradually drops in winter, we make efforts to keep ourselves warm throwing tons of layers. Layering clothes can be functional but not so stylish when done without a careful thought. Looking for layering inspiration to achieve that artfully layered look with your winter outfits? Be inspired by Blair Eadie, a San Francisco-based blogger behind the Atlantic Pacific blog, on giving a spin on winter clothes that convey individuality and style to keep your winter layers not only functional but fashionable as well.

  1. Wear your functional and stylish winter accessories.

chic outfit with socks and heels

tulle skirt with black dresscolored scarf with layered outfit knitted shawl with neutral outfit leather gloves with winter outfit winter outfit with socks and shoes

Beanies, knitted shawls, blanket scarves, and leather gloves are not only functional in winter, but they’re also stylish that can dress up even your most basic outfits. Leather gloves are perfect match with those pesky cropped or three-quarter length sleeved jackets and capes. Classic pumps can be feminine, but like Blair you can wear socks with them to give you more warmth on the chilly weather. Rain boots, ugg boots, knee-high boots, and even thigh-high boots are great for winter. Just wear them with thicker wool coats for a really sophisticated look.

  1. Layer your winter clothes from thin to thick.

animal print coat with skinny jeans layered outfit with jeans with rain boots overalls with coat shirt and jeans with striped coat tee and jeans with coat

This simply means that you may want to start wearing the ensembles that are thin like cotton tank tops, cotton button-down shirt, chambray shirt, chiffon blouse, and other tops made from lightweight fabrics as under layer. The thicker ones like wool coat, leather jacket, cashmere coat, and patent leather coat are usually worn as outerwear. For instance, Blair creatively layered button-down shirt and knitted sweater as her under layer, and topped it off with vest and animal print coat that resulted into a coordinated and stylish outfit.

  1. Play with the lengths of your clothes.

all black winter outfit stylish layered outfit with jeanscheckered pants with red coat gray jacket with black dress leather jacket with coat and jeans

Sometimes, the layered look seems bulky and heavy when your pieces are of similar lengths. So, work an artfully layered look by wearing a few different length tops to create a flowing and cascading effect. Choosing outfits with trimmings such as lace ruffles or faux fur collars can help draw the eye to certain statement details. But, these details can get lost in the folds so be sure to show them through your layers. If your outfit gets too billowy or voluminous, add some structure with a belt. If you think skirts are not for winter, think twice before stashing them. Blair even wore her feminine skirt in the winter while wearing leggings and knee-high boots with it.

  1. When wearing thick layers, sometimes two-layered outfit is just enough.

puffer coat with jeans knitted sweater with skirt denim overalls with pink coat band jacket with skirt striped top with overalls

You don’t have to go layer overkill as a two-layered outfit is often enough especially during these transition days when there are moments when the temperature rises. Work a different angle this winter by putting together a more structured look with jackets whether it’s denim, leather, or wool that can give you more structured look. Puffer coats, wool coats, and such give enough warmth and style to head out on the streets.

  1. Be creative complementing or contrasting your layers with colors and prints.

light blue coat with pastel outfit floral coat with rain boots floral coat with legiings color blocked coat with nude pumps checkered outfit with classic pumps

Monochromatic can look elegant and polished when pulled off properly. But for a more interesting outfit, vary the textures, colors, and prints on your layers whether pairing up complimentary colors, surrounding your layers with prints, or even mixing patterns and prints together. Don’t shy away from bright hues and prints this winter as adding splashes of colors and prints will liven up your outfit.

  1. Creatively layer your jewelry to spice your looks.

winter outfit with layered jewelry

It’s not just clothing that’s getting the layered treatment this winter as layering your jewelry can make you look stunning and sophisticated too. Try layering on a range of different length necklaces as opulent decoration, or even stacked rings or bangles for an artfully eclectic look. Like Blair Eadie, don’t be afraid to mix your metals as well as your pearls and jewels that can look quite on-trend.




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