Birthday Haul

Hey everyone! So by the title you would think it’s my birthday, BUT, it’s not actually until Saturday.

However, since everyone never knows what to get me, and I never know what to ask for, I just got to pick everything out myself. I bought mostly all of it online so it shipped before my actual birthday.

Some of you are probably like, well that sucks, no presents on your birthday?! But I actually much prefer spending time with family I never see, and less prefer presents, so it’s not really a big deal, I’m extremely grateful that I got such wonderful gifts from my family.

And if you want to know– I’m going to be 20!! Last week of being a teenager, it’s beautiful =]

Before I post the items, I want to say two things:

1) This is not to brag about anything I received for my birthday! I love watching what people got for their birthday, and the excitement, so I thought I would make a birthday haul blog post as well. If you have any problem with it, just don’t look!

2) I’m posting pictures of the exact things I got from off the web. I would take real life photos with my camera but all/most of the stuff I got is beauty related, and because I’m in the process of organizing, my vanity is a mess, and everything is out of place and I don’t know if I can find it all. heh =]

So here it is!


First thing I got is from my wonderful fiance, Eric =] He, so generously, bought me this gorgeous bracelet from Tiffany. It’s the Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm Bracelet in Sterling Silver. I guess you can buy charms to hook on the other links, but I’m pretty happy with how it looks plain. What do you think?




Next, Eric got me a 200 dollar gift card to Sephora, so first I purchased this Purity Cleanser. It takes off all your makeup on top of giving your face a refreshing clean. I haven’t used this yet because I don’t want to waste my other face cleansers, so I’m using them up first. Makeupbyleina uses this cleanser, and she loves it, so I knew this would be good for me, because we have the same skin type! I got mine in the 16 fl. oz. which was 32 dollars.



With the remainder of the gift card, I got a CLARISONIC! I was so excited to get this. And I have to say it is so worth every penny. I used it the second it arrived in the mail with the Go Clear Cleanser it comes with. I felt like I got a facial. It was so nice. The brush is nice and soft on your skin, while still giving you the scrub you need. It also made me feel like the face cleanser was really getting into my skin and not just scrubbing off dirt on the surface. I really enjoy it, and it’s a really great addition to anyone’s skin care routine. I totally recommend it! I purchased the Clarisonic Mia in Pink for about $150.



Next item I got is the Evian Facial Mist. I actually got in the huge 10 oz bottle for about $20. This was a gift from my mother because she knew I was searching high and low for this at every beauty and drug store in the area and absolutely no one carried it. I wanted it so bad! Its perfect to keep cool and spray on your face after a work out or something. It also can set your makeup, which is fantastic. I believe she purchased this off of


Last item I received is this 10 Drawer Rolling Cart. This is in every makeup collectors videos, and I wanted one desperately. And there’s actually a horrible story that goes along with this. So I purchased this cart off of Amazon through the company that makes them. Anyway, It took about a week to even get the e-mail that it had shipped, and about another 1.5 weeks to receive it. It actually came today in the mail while I was at work, and Eric offered to build it for me. Well he took it out of the box and the metal bars were TOTALLY BENT. Like seriously! How does this happen, did the incredible hulk get a hold of my package?! Also, it was totally crooked! The back bar was about 5 inches longer than the front bar, so it like tilted downward. If I had put the drawers in they would just fall right out! So needless to say it was totally defective. I called the company and they are shipping me a new one, which should be here Monday the 19th. Kind of sucks that they couldn’t get it here sooner, I already waited awhile for this one. So that made me super unhappy because I was looking forward to it. But hopefully I don’t encounter this problem again. This is a great addition to any makeup collectors storage, and I will post on how I organize the drawers next week.

In addition to those items, the items on my “M.A.C and Prescriptives Haul” was also purchased by my amazing fiance for my birthday. He surprised me and brought me to The Cosmetics Co. and I got all of that for like 70 dollars, gotta love the discounts there. =]

Share with me what you got for your birthday! I love seeing that! =]

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great week!

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