Betty Autier: How to Add a Pop of Color in a Neutral Outfit

Neon and blinding shades may seem daunting to wear, but incorporating them to your fashion style add some fun and colors to your looks. The mind behind the Le Blog de Betty blog, Betty Autier is the French style blogger known for her creative styling with high-end designer pieces, neon colors, blinding shades, and metallic touches to her looks. Wearing neutrals with bright colors may seem challenging, so keep on scrolling to scoop some Betty’s tricks on adding a pop of color to her neutral outfits.

green knitted scarf with casual outfit

neon sneakers with casual cool outfit red boots and hat with winter outfit

If you’re not a fan of wearing outfits in unexpected color combinations, adding a pop of color in your neutral outfits may be enough. You don’t have to wear red with pink, green with blue, or even yellow with purple that may seem trendy but looks overwhelming. Like Betty, think of functional and stylish accessories like a knitted scarf, chunky bracelets, sneakers, boots, belts, hats, beanies, or even sunglasses in bright colors that will give your neutral outfit some twist. A bright red hat and a pair of red boots made Betty’s outfit livelier instead of looking dull in a neutral head-to-toe look.

blue sweater with black shorts bright red coat with black outfit metallic gold top with statement boots metallic pink vest with casual outfit neon blazer with shorts neon green shirt with shorts and slip on sneakers orange fur coat with tights pink sweater with checkered shorts

Sweater, coats, tank tops, vests, and jackets definitely add some spice to your outfit, especially in bright colors. Like Betty, you may be bold enough to wear a neon green shirt, or an orange fur coat with your black bottoms to create a high contrast making your outfit look intentional. But, you can still opt for gray and white accents for a more subtle contrast if black is too bold for you. Also, wearing a metallic gold top or a brightly red coat with your black outfit can be great to keep them look chic and glamorous.

hot pink fur skirt with graphic top metallic gold shorts with black outfit metallic green skirt with black coat metallic pink pants with black top mustard tights with black outfit purple pants with leather jacket

Betty is sometimes a fan of glow in the dark look. But to keep them stylish, she often opts for metallic versions of bright colors in her shorts, skirts, trousers, and leggings. Metallic green, metallic gold, and metallic pink look great when paired with black, making your outfit perfect for holiday parties and festive occasions. However, to keep it look chic and feminine, palazzo pants, culottes, and flared pants in flowy and soft fabrics is your best choice.

metallic purple dress with black stilettos red outfit with statement sunglasses

If you wish to look feminine on your style, but don’t wish to blind someone, simply opt for bright and bold colors but skip those neon shades. Bright red, hot pink, cobalt blue, metallic purple, and tangerine shades on feminine dresses can be great. Like Betty, you may think of a metallic dress in purple accents to create a bold statement while keeping your feminine and sophisticated vibe, as wearing dresses in neon yellow and such doesn’t look sophisticated enough.

graphic print shirt with straight leg pants brighly printed skirt with graphic top

If you’re not a fan of colorful floral prints and geometric patterns, abstract prints and even graphic prints can be a great alternative for you. Indeed, adding a pop of color in a neutral outfit can be a stylish way to freshen up your simple looks. Like Betty, opt for ones that define your personality and channels your mood. After all, fashion is a means of showcasing your individuality through your unique sense of style.

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