Best Prints for Spring Fashion

Spring is almost here, can you smell it in the air? If you can, then celebrate one of the prettiest seasons (both in fashion and real-life) by considering these beautiful prints for spring fashion.


This checked cotton fabric is one of the most celebrated prints for spring fashion. It managed to skyrocket to fashion fame with the help of Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, just some of the numerous proponents of Gingham.

What’s great about Gingham is that it’s easy to wear. You can wear the print by its own, or you can pair it up with jeans or a white button-down top. Whatever mood you’re in, gingham is sure to work for you.

floral top and gingham pants

blue gingham dress

Polka Dots

Polka dots can be reminiscent of your childhood days, but know that they are stylish prints for spring fashion as well. In fact, you can look sleek in these dots – as long as you style your prints carefully. For a safe yet sophisticated look, head out in a beautiful dotted dress.

dotted maxi dress

Want to go minimal on the dots? Then wear them in the form of cute dotted shoes!

polka dot shes

Tie Dye

Invoke the feeling of the carefree 70’s by wearing tie dye prints for spring fashion. Although it is deemed best for casual wear, tie dye can be worn in classier events as well. The key to doing so is picking a tie dyed skirt or trousers and wearing it with a dressy top. Slip on some black killer heels for a trendy bohemian vibe.

olivia palermo tie dye pants black top and tie dye skirt

Animal Prints

Unleash the wild side in you by wearing animal prints for spring fashion. Since this design is truly eye-catching, the key to perfecting this look is to not go overboard with the prints. If you plan on wearing a leopard-print dress or snakeskin-print pants, don’t wear it with other ostentatious prints. Balance the design with nude pumps or a plain button-down blouse.
snakeskin dressanimal print jacket

Colorful Stripes

Spring is all about life and vibrancy, that’s why colored stripes are essential prints for spring fashion. The popularity of this trend is apparent in the runways, as fashion houses Celine, Valentino, and Balmain dressed their models in multicolored stripes. Celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Kristen Stewart fancy colorful stripes too, so why not try it out this coming spring?

colorful striped top colorful stripe outfit

Geometric Prints

Like the colorful stripes, geometrics are deemed as one of the chicest prints for spring fashion. When it comes to this style, remember that four styles look the best – and these are triangles, quadrilaterals, crazy shapes and mixed prints.

geometric print attire geometric print dress

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