Benefit Coralista Blush Review

Hello there gurls here is my Benefit Coralista Blush Review!

 I’m back after quite a long break from blogging there goes one of my new years resolutions already, but I have been caught up with college work as I only have 4 months left so everything is pretty manic at the moment!
1 Coralista Blush
2   Blush Coralista 3  coralista Blush backview
I just wanted to show you my latest purchase, this isn’t a new product on the market and most people probably have this if they are obsessed with blushes like I am. This is a pressed powder blush in a shimmering coral colour by Benefit Cosmetics. This is one of the many boxed powder blushes by Benefit and just like their other boxed blushes, Coralista comes with a natural bristle brush. This brush is fine for travelling but when I am doing my makeup at home I will use my own brushes.
4 coralista natural bristle brush

All of benefits powder blushes and bronzer’s have excellent pigmentation and they always look beautiful on the skin and they are soft and easily blended to give a natural finish because they don’t look like they are just sitting on top of the skin. This blush gives a gorgeous flush of healthy colour and gives the cheeks that natural dewy glow that most of us crave. I can imagine getting lots of use out of this during the summer.

5 coralista powder blushes

I think this blush would suit all complexions but those with paler skin would need to go light with this because you only need to dab the brush into this to achieve the full pigmentation. This blush would look lovely with a tan or used together with a bronzer.

6 powder blushes coralista 7 coralista blush swatch 8 coralista blush on my face

I cant wait to start wearing this in the summer!
What’s your favourite summer blush?

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