Beauty Tricks to Do with a Spoon

A spoon isn’t just something you could use for eating. There are lots of other creative ways to use it, too, and today we’re going to show you how you can use a spoon in your beauty routine. That’s right. We’ve listed down some of the most useful beauty tricks to do with a spoon below so go check them out and tell us if you have any other beauty tricks that you can do using a spoon.

  • Eye bags away – one of the most popular ways to use a spoon in your beauty routine is to freeze them (or dip them in ice cold water) and then place them under the eyes or do a sweeping motion with them under the eyes. This will help depuff your eyes and get rid of those nasty under eye circles so your eyes look fresh and awake, even after a sleepless night.

fresh and radiant look

fresh looking face and eyes spoon for eyebags

  • The perfect wing man – having trouble perfecting that winged liner look? Instead of getting frustrated and wasting eyeliner and eye makeup remover doing it over and over again, grab a spoon and hold its handle up against the outer corner of your eye and then use that to draw the flicked line. You can also use the rounded part of the spoon to create a more curved wing.

flawless winged liner spoon cat eye perfect cat eye liner

  • Neatly apply mascara on short lashes – applying mascara on the lower lashes can really open up the eyes and make them look bigger and more awake but it can be super tricky to do since the lower lashes are shorter and sparser so mascara tends to get on the skin as well. To prevent this, you can place a spoon below your eye (making sure the lashes aren’t covered) and then proceed to apply mascara as usual. Any excess mascara will be smeared on to the spoon instead of your face. This can also be used for top lashes.

spoon top lash mascara neat mascara application perfect mascara precision

  • Improvised eyelash curler – whether it’s because your eyelash curler broke or your just don’t have one nearby, knowing how to curl your lashes without one can be really helpful. For an improvised eyelash curler, put a spoon under a lamp just to warm it up a little bit then place the curved edge above your lashes and use your finger to press the lashes on to the spoon for a good 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat on the other eye and coat your lashes with mascara to seal the curl.

kendalls natural lashes natural long lashes lash curler alternative

  • Contouring aid – if you always find yourself struggling to find the perfect spot to place your contour powder on, try cupping the apples of your cheeks with a spoon. When your cheeks are nice and snug against the spoon, you can start placing contour / bronzing powder right under the spoon as that is where the hollows of your cheeks are.

contouring done right contouring guide subtle contouring

  • Quick and easy marbled nails – nail marbling is too much work and if you have no patience for such things like me, I’m sure you’ll love this easier and quicker version that you can do with a spoon. Simply pour a little bit of every color nails polish you want to appear on your nail marbling art onto a spoon, swirl them around with a toothpick or a bobby pin and dip your nails in the mixture. The hollowness of the spoon makes it a perfect dipping spot for your nails.

marbled nail art nail marbling technique bright marbled nails

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