Beauty Quick Fix for Spring Fever Problems

Spring is here but not everyone can stop and take the time to sniff the flowers because spring fever is something nobody wants to deal with. If you’re someone who’s prone to spring fever, the beginning of the season may be more bad news to you than good. Getting to the office looking decent can be a challenge as well. Here are some beauty quick fixes for spring fever problems.

  • CONTOUR – spring fever trigger your allergies which means that you’ll need to deal with a puffy face. If the puffiness doesn’t go away and you really need to leave the house ASAP, you can always contour to reduce the appearance of it. I recommend contouring with cream products and setting it with a light dusting of powder contouring products afterwards because this tends to be the best option for achieving a natural look.

contour map

contour how to contoured look

  • FIGHTING REDNESS – blowing your nose excessively on tissue and rubbing it all the time can make it really red and that’s not a pretty sight to sport outdoors. Aside from using concealer, one really good way to fight off redness is to use a calming balm on the red area surrounding the nose. Primers with a green base / undertone can also help immensely with this.

spring makeup look spring makeup

  • PULL YOUR HAIR BACK – aside from giving you a more refreshed and vibrant look, pulling your hair back into a sleek ponytail or a cute braid can also keep allergens that are trapped in your hair away from your face. Yes, allergens can be trapped in your hair, especially when you have styling products on that they can cling to.

simple spring ponytail simple spring hair

  • WATERPROOF IT – your eyes will get watery if you get spring fever so if you insist on wearing eye makeup while dealing with the symptoms, its best to wear waterproof eye products like mascara and eye liner. Tight line your upper lash line if you can (with water proof eye liner) to make it appear bigger and more open because, trust me, spring fever can make you look like you’re squinting all the time.

eyeliner eyeliner look

  • GIVE YOUR FACE A BREAK – if you’re suffering badly from spring fever, it’s best to just give your face a break and go makeup – free for a while. Aside from not having to worry about messing up your makeup all day long, it will also help you stay away from allergens that worsen your condition. Wash your face, moisturize (okay, maybe you can go for tinted concealer if you really want to) and be on your way. You will thank yourself for it in a few days.

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