Beauty Beginner’s Guide to Looking Like a Pro

Learning about makeup and how to properly use them to your advantage is a skill that all women should acquire, regardless of whether you like wearing makeup on an everyday basis or just for special occasions. Reading up on tips and tricks of the trade helps a lot and if you’re just getting started on your makeup journey and you want to learn more, check out these beauty beginner’s guide to looking like a pro with makeup.

flawless face makeup

  • PORELESS PERFECTION – if you have a problem with large pores or if you simply want to achieve a more flawless base for your makeup look, a pore-filling primer is what you need. Look for the non-comedogenic kind to avoid clogging your pores.

poreless skin simple but perfect makeup

  • LUSCIOUS LASHES – falsies are not for everyone, we know that. If you still want to have luscious looking lashes, though, and you weren’t lucky enough to have been born with Kardashian status lashes, a trick to get you by is tight lining.

tight lining perfect makeup

  • RAID THE PANTRY – for beautiful hair and skin on a budget, all you need to do is raid the pantry. You’ll find loads of awesome alternatives to expensive hair and skin care products in the pantry and in the fridge. Here are some concoctions that are worth a shot.

asian makeup miranda kerr makeup

  • PAIN-FREE KYLIE JENNER LIPS – the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge that’s going viral on social media today is a real pain to deal with and try. If you really want to get the look of Kylie’s lips, skip the suction part and overdraw your lips with lip liner instead.

kylie jenner lips kylie jenner makeup

  • PERFECT WINGED LINER EVERYTIME – free-handing the perfect winged liner / cat eye liner look takes a while but you can certainly get the look even if you’re still a beginner in makeup. The trick is to use a guide which can either be a card or a spoon. Check out the guide below on how to get it done.

liner trick liner card trick

  • MAKE LIPSTICK LAST – when I was starting out with makeup, I thought only the expensive kinds of lipstick were the ones that could truly last on your lips all day. Now that I’ve done my fair share of trying out tips and tricks, I found out that you can make just about any lipstick last by doing two things: priming the lips and using a lip liner to shape and fill and setting your lipstick by blotting and, optionally, using a lipstick sealer.

long lasting lipstick overdrawn lips


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