Beach Hair Flair

How to Wear Your Hair On The Beach

There’s nothing more fun and laid back than dressing up for the shore or actually going for a sail. Summer comes with the nicest trends and lovely items so it’s no reason to go lazy and not make any effort to look fashionable. However, for beach hairstyles it’s better to look lazily made up. Dishelved, playful, and wild- this just has to be the best look for any hairdo on the beach no matter how high, low, or swept away you wear it.

1.Bombshell Locks. With a big help fomt he curling iron, you can curl and twirl to your hair’s content. The main thing to remember is making big curls for a complete hottie look.


2. Straight Waves. Iron out hair for a relaxed solution. If you want neater, straighter than a stick hair, get a rebond.


3. Mermaid Braids. Take a few portions of hair from the forehead. Start making the usual three-strand braid. Secure the edge with elastic band. Then bring the braid to the other side of the forehead and make sure it’s not loose with a bobby pin. Now take a few hairs from the middle of the back crown right under the braid. With it, you may again make a three-strand braid. While braiding, add a portion of hair into the center strand. Add strands continuously from left and right. To loosen the braid, just pull out every strand.



4. Mini braids. They’re fun to make and it’s up to you where to start braiding. It could be fom the center top of your head, at the side, or just about anywhere that it’d look like a sneak peek whenever they’re showing.




5. Small Braid big braid. Make large braids and include smaller braids over it. Or, you can also braid along the small braid while getting together the big ones.




6. Knot back hair. Gather some strands, as much as you like from both sides just like how it’s done in the examples below. Once you’ve connected both portions, decide whether you’ll have them clipped, tied, knotted, or braided down.

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