Battle of the dry shampoos (a comparison) Review

Dry shampoo is my new bestie. I’ve been road testing a selection over the last few weeks and want to share my thoughts.Here is my review of Battle of the dry shampoos (a comparison) !

The contenders are; Boots Expert Dry Shampoo, Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo ( Brunette), Batiste original, TRESemmé Instant Refresh dry shampoo and Umberto Giannini Morning After dry shampoo.

Battle of the dry shampoos (a comparison)

Here are a few basics:

Brand Cost Amount Scary white roots? Scent?
TRESemmé £4.38 200ml Yes but they brush out easily Quite fresh, like the shampoo hairdressers always use. Not too overpowering.
Umberto Giannini £5.61 200ml Not unless you spray too much Quite faint and fades quickly.
Batiste Original £2.35 150ml Worst white roots of the bunch. Really quite strong. DO NOT LIKE (personal opinion)
Batiste Brunette £3.05 150ml Not unless you spray a lot and brushes out easily. Much less strong than the original.
Boots own brand £2.03 200ml Not really. Quite faint and fades relatively quickly.


Umberto Giannini – Where to begin? This was the biggest let down of the bunch, not least because it is the most expensive! It did a fab job of dealing with greasy roots. The smell didn’t bother me and I wasn’t left looking like I needed any greys covering. Unfortunately I got to use this 3 times before it died. Now I don’t use a lot per use, I think the can leaked (in fact I’m sure it did because it was all sticky… ew). The others have lasted me many more uses and show no signs of running out yet. What a waste!


TRESemmé – Even though I don’t think this keeps the grease at bay for as long as the Batiste does I still prefer it due to the subtler scent. This gives me less build up of product in my hair too. The key with this really is to spray it in (shaking between sprays) and leave it for a few minutes. It really does need time to dry as it goes on quite wet. Then massage it in and brush out.


Batiste original – If I’m honest I think this does to the best job at removing grease however the big old white patches (the toughest to brush out of the lot) and the overpowering scent mean I probably won’t repurchase this.


Batiste Brunette – All of the effectiveness of the original but none of the drawbacks. I like to alternate between this and the TRESemmé as this does leave more of a build up.


Boots own brand – Somewhat similar in consistency to the TRESemmé but less effective. For slightly greasey hair it’s fine but if your hair is starting to get quite bad this doesn’t cut it. To be honest none of these are exactly breaking the bank so I don’t think it’s worth saving a few pennies on this for a product that doesn’t cut it when the going gets tough.


Now of course people may not agree with me as every ones hair is different (just like skin care works well for some people and not for others). These are just my opinions on how the products worked on my hair. Have you tried any of these? Which do you prefer? Or do you have another brand that you swear by? Enquiring minds want to know!


*I bought all of these myself… judge me at will*

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