Barry M TMLP Green Lipstick Review, Swatches

Barry M – TMLP (Turn My Lips Pink)

I’m definitely one to see something and turn green with envy (get it?) if I don’t have it. This Barry M lipstick was no different! I first saw it on the Superdrug website and was amazed at how it would work? How was a green lipstick going to come out a different colour? Pink of all colours. Well, I’m here to answer that question! Apparently, the colour of the pink is determined by the natural pH in your lips. The brighter the pink goes, the more alkali you have in your lips (or something like that – I failed science miserably if you couldn’t already tell!

Barry M TMLP Green Lipstick

Barry M TMLP Green Lipstick-2 Barry M TMLP Green Lipstick-3 Barry M TMLP Green Lipstick-4

This looks like a pretty impressive lipstick. How on earth does a green lipstick work. It really does look like something you’d wear for Halloween. This is my first ever Barry M product, which really does shock me. I’ve used a nail polish before which I borrowed from my friend, and I loved it. Barry M have such a wide range from nail polish to cosmetics, at a high street price. This little lipstick cost £4.49 from Boots and you can get it from

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