Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Light Review

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Light Review


I’ve had a few brief encounters with mineral make-up in the past. Wooed by their tall promises of better skin and a fuss free flawless coverage I purchased many brands but was mostly left bitterlydisappointed.

The majority didn’t mix well with my combination/oily skin leaving me looking shiny, powdery and quite frankly gross after a few hours of wear.

While others the colour was just never right. For some reason mineral make-up shades are much harder to match, I find they are often too yellow or golden in tone meaning I resorted to buying two shades to mix, not cheap!

The only one I ever found that matched my skin and had lasting power was Perscriptives All Skins minerals, a great foundation but unfortunately no longer available except perhaps in a CCOsomewhere.

I mourned this loss and moved on, well back actually to a base of a liquid kind, until now!

Cue total 360 foundation routine.
Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Light Review1
Last time I used Bare Minerals seems like yonks ago, I purchased a starter kit and didn’t think much of it, nothing stand out for me so it was passed along to my mum.

My make-up loving mate, Helen, came to stay last week and gushed about her love for Bare Minerals latest foundation Matte, intrigued I gave hers a go
Instant love.
It offers:

  • Great buildable coverage, covers blemishes and redness really well due to the yellow tones which equal out the red in the skin.
  • Offers a matte but still slightly luminous finish
  • Is non cakey on the skin
  • Lasts all day with no touch ups until about 6pm, easy to layer on top for flawless finish again
  • Is great for carrying around if touch up is needed (highly unlikely even on my melting face)
  • Easy to apply for an even finish
  • Looks great on the skin in daylight, huge bonus!!
  • Feels light on the skin, weightless!

It is a great foundation for a lovely even finish and lasting power but it isn’t perfect, here are some cons:

  • Expensive, a 6g tub is £24, Bare Minerals used to offer 9g for that price! They have since changed their packaging and added a twisty, non spilling lid which apparently warrants the loss of an extra third ??
  • It is going to run out quickly, I have had it just over a week and already I can see it going down!
  • The colours aren’t great, I tried many and most are very yellow toned or very golden nothing softer. The MA tried to sell me Medium which to be quite honest looked purple, I ignored and plumped for Light, not perfect but good.
  • It takes me longer to apply this than any liquid but in my mind worth it due to longevity.
  • It does seem to emphasise the pores on my nose, not good but I do have a solution (read on)

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Light Review2

I don’t know why but most people think applying mineral make-up is fast and fuss free, personally I find it takes twice as long as any liquid base.

Lots of swirling, tapping, buffing and arm ache to get a nice flawless finish, the result is worth it though.

I apply mine using probably my top brush of all time, Sephora’s professional mineral powder brush (45) which is one you must grab at a given opportunity. Super soft and dense it’s a mini kabuki with a handle, great for everything!

To combat the pore problem I mentioned above, I’m happy to say I finally have a use for my LauraMercier Mineral Primer which until recently sat unloved in my drawer.

A really nice product to have for mineral lovers, the soft white powder buffs into the skin evening out the texture and colour creating a good canvas for the foundation and disguises pores amazingly.
Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Light Review3

I am wearing it here but not a great close up, sorry!

Unfortunately I smashed my camera a few weeks ago so I don’t have any ‘as seen on’ pics to offer you but when I get another sorted I will post some.

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