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Australis PP HD Eyeshadow Quint in A-Lister Sista & FOA Colour Max Eyeshadow Palette in Gold Mine Review

Hello girls! here is my Australis PP HD Eyeshadow Quint in A-Lister Sista & FOA Colour Max Eyeshadow Palette in Gold Mine Review!

Eyeshadows are not my favourite product; my love of bright lips and cheeks means I usually steer clear of using colour on my lids, to avoid an overly drag queen-esque appearance. However, the Summer party season is upon us, so I took the opportunity to dive into two new eyeshadow palettes up for review!

Australis describes Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Eyeshadow Quint in A-Lister Sista (RRP $15.95) as “pearlescent shades of bright orange, light gold, deep plum, brown and charcoal” that allows you to “create endless combinations and effects.” The eyeshadow contains “photocromatic pigments and enriched with jojoba and grape seed oil for smooth and hydrated lids for that just-applied glow.”


First impressions: I found some of the eyeshadows to be highly pigmented and creamy, which I liked. I’m especially a fan of the gold and bright orange, although on my pale skin, I feel the colour leant more pink than orange. The darker plum, brown and charcoal were not as pigmented as the lighter shades, and therefore needed to be packed onto the lid to really get that party eye look.

An arm swatch of Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Eyeshadow Quint in A-Lister Sista:


Although the swatches look quite bright on my arm, I have to say the colours did not appear as rich once applied to the eyelid. Having said that, once applied, the colours didn’t budge during a night out. I think these eyeshadows would also benefit from being applied with a wet brush to really bring out the pan colours. All in all, there’s a really pretty range of eyeshadow shades in this palette, whose application is only limited by your imagination!


Face of Australia Colour Max Eyeshadow Palette in Gold Mine

Now this one I enjoyed. Face of Australia claims that Colour Max Eyeshadow Palette in Gold Mine (RRP $10.95 AUD) “features four harmonious colours to create endless looks and portability” with a “soft, silky formula [that] glides on effortlessly and lasts from day to night without fading or creasing.”

I whacked this sparkly baby on my peepers for my NYE celebrations. Which, to continue with the longstanding tradition of new year’s disappointments, ended in complete near-disaster. Not to the scale of severe food poisoning and forest fires that our lovely Stacey endured; however, I did encounter a road-splitting burst water main, an entirely flooded NYE venue, and a party hostess (me) with  10+ people arriving for pre festivity-festivities with NO running water (read: no toilet and no way to shower/get ready for NYE).

Fast forward a couple of hours, and one very behind and stressed-out party hostess later, with guests arriving and not a shower in sight, the water came back on. At a trickle, but none the less, I COULD DE-SWEAT (Did I mention NYE in Adelaide was 40 degrees?) and prepare for my night out at a newly negotiated venue.

What I didn’t have was time. So… The absolute BEST part of this palette is the instructions that come with it. The diagram was super-dooper helpful for a sleep-deprived, stressed-out party hostess with the mostest. The result was a somewhat decent, semi-professional application despite difficult circumstances in absolutely no time. The gold shimmer shade was lovely, and the satin brown shade applied to the crease of the eye gave the look a professionally-applied feel. The pigment of the eyeshadows was also great, looking as good applied to the lid as it did in the palette. This is definitely one I will use again; a great eyeshadow palette for a regular makeup pleb such as myself!

An arm swatch of the Face of Australia Colour Max Eyeshadow Palette in Gold Mine:


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