Ashley Guyatt: Quirky Ways to Pull-Off Girly Style

Are you tired of being too feminine to your style looking classic and sophisticated? Maybe it’s time to spice up some quirkiness to your looks. Though being girly may come naturally to some, it is a bit challenging for some as it may give the impression of looking childish in nature when overdone. So, if you want to change your feminine looks and need a little bit of quirkiness to your style, then let’s have a style inspiration.

From Los Angeles, United States, Ashley Guyatt is known for her quirky ways of pulling off a girly style in an effortlessly thrown together looks. Her blog Polka Dots and Sailor Stripes focuses on budget-friendly outfits since she herself is on a very strict budget when it comes to shopping. Because of that she claims that she already mastered the art of finding diamonds in the rough and picking the ensembles that only look like coming from a heavy price-tag attached.

lace up gladiators

pink bag with white outfit pink shoes and phone girly hat with white outfit

One way of adding some fun to your style is wearing girly or quirky accessories. You may opt for something sparkly and bright and pair them to your feminine outfits. Think of sunglasses, fun belts, charm bracelets, shoes, cute bags, and hats you can mix and match with them. Since shoes are a major part of a girly closet, look for different styles that will look great with different outfits. Ashley picked for pink sandals and a pair of lace-up gladiators to add some quirkiness to her neutral and classic outfits. You may start small by opting for a few versatile pairs. Like a pair of heels, flip flops, sneakers, and sandals in a solid color that goes with everything. Until you master the girly style, you can have a collection of quirky footwear started.

feminine minidress floral crop top floral pink romper floral skirt with cute topflower embellished top

Dresses are essential for the girly look. Keep it cute, girly, fun, and flirty by opting for floral prints in a fun color since flowers are associated with being feminine. If you’re not a dressy type of girl, then look for some skirts, tops, and even accessories with flower prints or embellishments like Ashley did. On the other hand, wearing girly and funky prints are a great trick too. If you could, try a polka dots stockings rather than a plain one to give a quirky look to your style.

neon orange shortspink shoes with girly outfit pink skirt with black top pink striped dress pink top with white denim

Also pick girly colors like the colors of the rainbow, neon colors, pastel shades, and especially pinks. If you are feeling adventurous, you may opt for neon colors like hot pink, bright yellow, orange and such as these colors denote “crazily lovable” feel. On the other hand, pastel shades always denote sweetness and calmness. But for the feminine color, pink any shades of pink like hot pink, baby pink, or even pastel pink that gives off an instant girly touch to whatever ensembles you wear. Think of shoes, t-shirts, skirts, jeans, and accessories than can be a pink shade.

geometric print dress polka dots dress polka dots stockings with chambray top ribbon print skirt

If you’re not a fan of color, then you may opt for classic prints like stripes, polka dots, houndstooth, tartan, plaids, geometric, animal print and such. Just punch some girly touch to your style by opting for quirky and girly accessories. Ashley creatively dressed up her classic polka dots dress by wearing a rainbow-colored necklace and pink shoes. If you want to keep your classic look more tamed, then opt for nude pumps as it also gives off a feminine vibe.

tulle skirt with pink shoes tulle skirt with classic top black tulle skirt

Though tulle skirts used to be for ballerina dancer’s costume, it can be now worn in the streets. It’s flouncy and puffy texture instantly gives off a girly touch. Like Ashley, you may wear your tulle skirt with a classic print top or make it more girly by wearing some pink shoes.

There are so many ways to punch some quirkiness to your outfit. Just be tasteful and creative in piling your ensembles and be a quirky girl to show off your style.





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