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April Birchbox Review

The theme of this month’s box is ‘In Bloom’ in keeping with the Spring weather we are finally starting to see! So I’m expecting some bright, fresh products so help crow bar me out from under the duvet and into the sunshine. Here is my review of April Birchbox !

April Birchbox


Firstly there is a 3ml sample of the Gerda Spillman Renaissance Age serum (full size is £69, ouch!). I do love trying new serums but I will be saving this for June. I’ve booked a few days away in London (baby yeah!) and these mini skin care items are fab for travel!


I’m not overly enamoured with the next item. La Société Parisienne De Savons soap. Soap? Oh. Little known fact about me. I DESPISE bar soap. Hate it. Ironically I think it’s unhygienic. Think of all the grubby paws that have touched it before you? (I’m aware I’m letting my inner nutter shine through here). I will be giving this to my mother in law who rather likes bar soap. The full size is £8.50.


Next we have an actual makeup item! A Mirenesse Glossy Kiss. Mireness is not a brand that I’m familiar with at all so it’s always nice to discover new brands. It seems like every brand under the sun is coming out with jumbo lip pencils these days. I’m not complaining as I happen to be particularly fond of them. This shade, 14 Perfect Kiss is very Spring appropriate pinky coral with gold pearl. The formula is glossy and somewhat moisturising. Would I pay the full price of £17.50 for it? Probably not to be honest but I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I would say that this item definitely makes this month’s box good value for money.


Now I personally couldn’t care less what Victoria Beckham swears by but apparently she swears by this. The Weleda Skin Food (full size £8.95, quite the bargain actually!) appears to be an all purpose moisturiser that works wonders on dry elbows etc. The 10ml sample is quite generous.


I’m genuinely excited to try this 20ml sample of the Natio Renew Radiance Foam Cleanser. I have been trying to phase SLS out of my routine as it dries my skin out something rotten but sometimes I do miss a good foaming face wash. Bubbles somehow equal clean in my warped little brain. Hurrah! A foaming face wash the contains no SLS! I will save this little tube for London but at only £9.20 for a full sized bottle this could be a contender for a repurchase!


And finally… meh. A rather cheap, tacky looking mirror. It isn’t even a compact so it would get scratched and damaged knocking around in my hand bag.



Overall another perfectly acceptable box. I’m excited about the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss pencil and the Natio cleanser. I could have done without the mirror and the soap but it’s all down to personal preference. If you fancy subscribing to Birchbox UK here is my link (if you click it and make an order I get some Birchbox points J )