Annabelle Fleur: How to Pick the Perfect Clutch for Your Outfit

The clutch is an enduring classic that suits your infinite style perfectly. But if you’re looking for inspiration to pick the perfect clutch for your particular outfit, let’s be inspired by California-based fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur on styling her fabulous outfits with perfect clutches. On her blog Viva Luxury, we scooped some of her creatively pulled off looks while maintaining her easy going and iconic style. Keep on reading to get some of her tricks.

black clutch and shoes with boho dress

brown accessories with pastel dress brown clutch and sandals with white dress rectangular sling clutch with chic sandals and casual chic outfit white clutch and sandals with black outfit

If you are drowning in a sea of clutch styles, you may start with neutral shades of brown, white, gray, and even metallic shades of gold and silver that can be versatile to any of your outfit. Like Annabelle, you may think of the color of your favorite shoes that you’ll be sporting over and over again, and have the color of the clutch that matches them. Although technically not a clutch bag, you may go for a chain strap bag for your casual outfit that has a chain strap that is designed to be either removed or tucked-away inside the bag when not in use. It’s also a great option for a cocktail party or night on the town when you may want your hands free making your looks more unexpected and edgy.

blue clutch with blue dress cute clutch with feminine outfit metallic clutch with black and silver gown pink and blue dress with pink clutch purple pants and button down pants with purplr clutch

Matching the color of your clutch to the color of your outfit whether it’s a solid colored dress, blouse, skirt, or jacket is indeed fashionable and creative. If you’re planning to go for a formal party, like Annabelle, opt for a box clutch, the most formal version of all the clutches that you see most often on the red carpet. You can find everything from simple to crystal-encrusted box clutches in luscious colors, as well as blinged-out versions, seashells, and more. If you’re planning to wear a black and silver dress, better opt for a metallic clutch in silver shade like Annabelle did.

chic clutch with shift dress festive sweater with skinny pants floral skirt with chic top and clutch floral top with skinny pants

For you casual-chic looks, you may go for the clutch color that matches the color of your prints like Annabelle did. Whether it’s a thin, sleek, frame-style clutch with a clasp closure or a boxier flip-style bag, a simple clutch with clean lines is a classic accessory that can go well with any of your outfit. If you’re wearing a colorful floral skirt, like Annabelle, look for a clutch in tri-color that matches your floral prints. For simpler and one-color prints, choose a sleek leather design in the same color to complement your weekend evenings out.

black and white outfit with box clutch blue clutch in all white outfit cute clutch with casual outfit overalls and striped top with envelope clutch

A clutch can be perfect to add a pop of color to your muted outfit. You may go for larger envelope-style clutches if you wish to impart a more unstructured appeal to your look. Like Annabelle, go for the ones that will look great with your daytime and more casual outfits like denim overalls, jeans and a blazer, as well as dressy outfits like dresses on a romantic dinner date. If you want to make a statement with an envelope clutch, it’s best to do so with a statement color, like red, blue, yellow, or your favorite metallic shade.

all black outfit with chic clutch all black outfit with sandals and chic clutch all white outfit with chic clutch black clutch with black and white outfit

If you’re planning to go for a monochrome dressing, clutches are perfect to complement your look. You may opt from oversized envelope clutches made of soft leather that can be folded-over to structured and rectangular box clutches with or without a chain strap.

peach outfit with black clutch nude clutch with colorful outfit black dress with metallic clutch black clutch with colorful outfit

Making use of your clutches as a neutral piece of your colorful outfit as well as subdued outfits is great. Keep them in the shades of white, black, gray, brown, gold, and silver to help your other statement pieces shine whether it’s a dress, sunglasses, belt, hat, or shoes. This way, you’re creating the style that follows your fashion taste. Though clutch bags are addictive, always go for something you love, as you’ll be able to use them over and over again.


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