Annabelle Fleur: How to Get That Feminine but Iconic Looks

We all know the classic iconic looks and we know why they work. But that doesn’t mean it stop us from giving a personal touch to our fashion style. A feminine touch to your style but keeping it iconic can be a great start to establish your signature looks. Looking for inspiration to vamp up your style? Keep on reading to scoop some fashion ideas.

California-based fashion blogger, Annabelle Fleur is known for her very feminine but iconic looks. She’s always look put together as she’s not afraid of color and has a knack for mixing a little bit of edge in her feminine looks. In her blog Viva Luxury, she flaunts her fashion style inspired by art, travel, and film. She even said that the place she lived has influenced her style. For where Californian style influenced her casual and easygoing looks; but her feminine dress up with a lot of colors and prints was influenced by European style.

classic dress with leather boots

classic turtleneck with purple coat pussy bow blouse red suit with zebra print shoes

When incorporating femininity to your iconic looks, you may want to stick with classic styles and ensembles to be the main pieces in your wardrobe. Turtlenecks, pussy bow blouses, suits, blazers, and such are good examples. Keep it feminine by opting for feminine colors like peach, pink, red, purple, and other pastel shades. Though you may still wear neutral shades like white, black, gray, brown, and nude, keep the feminine feel with your accessories. Opt for sophisticated bags, feminine shoes, classic sunglasses, and even jewelry to spice up your looks.

black and nude lace dress black lace dress blue lace dress lace blouse with skinny jeans red lace dress with gold shoes

Lace is a symbol of femininity that you may incorporate in your style. Think of lace dresses, skirts, and blouses that can be a great ensemble to match with your casual pieces like jeans and boots. Whether of neutral shades or pastel ones, lace ensembles give off a feminine touch so feel free to pick your color. Like Annabelle, you may wear dresses in delicate lace panel designs or a plain lace dress. Just polish your looks with sophisticated accessories like shoes, sunglasses, and a bag.

baroque print maxi dress checkered dress with pussy bow blouse chevron print dress gingham print dress

Classic prints like gingham, checks, polka dots, stripes, and even baroque prints are iconic. Opting for these prints in your ensembles and pairing them with classic style ones are a great statement to your looks. If you wish to keep the classic feel, opt for neutral shades of your prints or bold shades in a single print color.

colorful dress with lace up shoescolorful skirt with red shoes gold sequin dress tropical print dress

If you’re a fan of sparkles and colors, then wear colorful prints as your statement. You may pair your shoes with the shade of your prints for a blended look or you may keep it in the shades of neutrals. Sequins and metallic details are welcome too. Just keep in mind the balance and proportion to avoid looking overdone. A patent leather or silk fabric gives off a smooth and silky finish that may add up some glam to your feminine looks. Keep your accessories tamed by opting for neutral shades as overflowing in colors and sparkles don’t look feminine anymore.

peach dress with black shoes mustard dress with cute bag blue outfit withcute sandals all white feminine outfit all black feminine outfit

If you’re not fond of wearing colorful prints, then you may just go for a tonal dressing or monochrome motif. An all black or an all white outfit can still look feminine and iconic as long as you keep attention to the cuts, structures, and layers of your outfit keeping them feminine. Just play on textures to create some interest. Also, wearing solid blocks of colors like red, blue, mustard, peach, and so on in your garments keeps the feminine feel. You may opt for the same shade on your accessories or keep it neutral.

There are a lot of twists you can to keep your personal touch to your iconic looks. And feminine looks are always timeless, captivating, and romantic. So, flaunt your signature style on the streets and be confident on your feminine and iconic looks.

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