Andy Torres: Creative Style of Wearing Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots have made a fashion statement of being chic, stylish, edgy, and sexy. These boots have a great advantage of being evenly suitable to be worn with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, and leggings as well. Though they look naturally stunning and effortless to pull off, they’re a little bit trickier to wear. So, before adding a pair of knee-high boots to your wardrobe, let’s have a style inspiration to know the various ways of wearing them to the most flattering way.

Mexican-but-living-in-Amsterdam blogger, Andy Torres is known for her impeccable style of wearing chic boots with her stylish outfits. In her blog, Style Scrapbook, she shares her story, dreams, and street style to her readers. Andy is a fan of boots especially knee-high boots as we can see on her following photographs. Knowing what to wear with these knee high boots as well as how to wear them with style is vital in picking out a pair of them for any wardrobe. So, keep scrolling to figure out how Andy nailed this chic boots.

Knee high boots have been a part of the fashion world and still hold as the fashion statement today. These are the boots that rise up to the knees or right underneath the knees and are usually tight around the calf and ankle. A knee-high boot can be designed out of a leather, rubber, suede, or other materials. There are various types of knee high boots such as zip-up boots, pull-on stretch boots, lace-up boots, and cowboy boots that can give a sartorial statement.

black dress and jacket with boots

black dress with boots navy lace dress with boots

For a dressy and feminine look, you can take inspiration from Andy by simply picking out a little black dress or a navy lace dress and a pair of black knee-high boots. To top off the outfit, throw on a white jacket, add a square shoulder bag or clutch, and wear necklaces. Remember, the length of the garment matters since this type of boots look great with short dresses. Just take note of the ideal gap between the hemline and the boots that can be around 4-6 inches so it wouldn’t cut you off awkwardly.

blue skirt with boots buttoned skirt with boots gray skirt with boots red skirt with boots skirt with boots white skirt with boots

If you want some rest on wearing heels to work, but leave the legs uncovered to the elements when wearing a skirt, try knee high boots instead. To give off a stylish business look, you could match knee high boots with a skirt that hits just below the knee or right above the knee. A pencil skirt that hits at the knee paired with knee-high boots that minimize a gap of skin gives off instant elegance, which is perfect for the workplace. But if the skirt is still on the shorter side, black tights are most ideal. To top of the look, be inspired by Andy by wearing an oversized sweater, or a coat.

blue shorts with boots shorts with boots

If you like a little daring look, you can really dress up some shorts with a pair of knee high boots. You have the option whether to wear shorts that let a little skin to show, or wear leggings under the shorts and knee high boots on top of the leggings. This is an interesting look to experiment with.

jeans with boots ripped jeans with boots

To nail the casual and sexy look, you could pick your jeans or ripped denim jeans with a pair of knee high boots. However, it is wise to match these boots with skinny and stretchable pants for more comfort and yet remain stylish and cool. This style also transitions well from a day at the office to a night out with friends.

leggings with boots tights with boots

A practical alternative for the typical sassy looks is wearing knee high boots over leggings. Leggings is a great way to present the look of slimmer longer legs since it perfectly highlights the tight outlines of boots. However, it is essential not to risk with the symmetries of the attention-grabbing nature of these tight outlines, which can be perfectly compensated with loose feminine skirts and dresses, bringing in some modesty as a counterbalance.

When deciding on what outfit to wear with knee high boots, remember the goal of looking taller and slimmer. These days that there are numerous styles, colors, and kinds of knee high boots to choose from, you may now pick yours and be creative styling your knee high boots.












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