All Things Millennial Pink to Get Your Hands On Now

As excited as we are with raging Ultraviolet named as Pantone’s Color of the Year, we’re not sure we’re ready to let go of millennial pink just yet. This color has got to be one of the most gorgeous hues out there and it’s one that I know a lot of girls would gladly wear any day. Still haven’t caught on to the color craze? Here are all the millennial pink things that you need to get your hands on now.


Millennial Pink Sunnies

If you’re looking for something different to break the black monotony in your arsenal of sunglasses, perhaps a pair that comes with a millennial pink frame or maybe even millennial pink lenses would do the trick.

Millennial Pink sunglasses by urban outfitters

Chic Pink Flats

Wearing colorful shoes is always a great way to add a pop of color to any neutral or basic look. If you’re looking for a chic way to add a pop of color to your outfit, why not do it with a pair of millennial pink flats? Check out these styles for ideas.

mini purse tory burch millennial pinkmillenial pink flats

Girly Dresses

Millennial Pink is such a gorgeous, delicate color. So much that just a few more additions of ladylike details like floral prints, ruffles, or lace could turn your whole outfit very girly. Girly dresses in this color make the perfect outfit for romantic dates and just for any girl, in general, who loves getting dolled up,

frilly mini dress with girly details girly dress with bow sleeve millennial pink off the shoulder dress with big ruffles

Mini Purse

Toting a millennial pink mini purse is the perfect way to add an air of chic playfulness to any look. Be sure to pick out a piece that’s got sophisticated details, though, to avoid looking like you borrowed a toddler’s play purse.

pink ysl chain strap purse minimini purse tory burch millennial pink chanel mini purse in millennial pink

A Statement Piece

Statement pieces give us (and our outfits) life so never think twice about buying one that catches your eye and captivates your fashion-loving heart at first sight, especially if it comes in millennial pink! Not sure what statement piece would look good on you? Here are a few outfits you could get inspired by.

statement vest dress overlay with fur pockets statement ombre millennial pink skirt

Something Leather

When you think of leather, you almost always think of it being black, but something leather in millennial pink is something that will give your outfit that Barbie-esque edge. It could be a millennial pink leather bag, jacket, shoes, or whatever else you fancy.

leather skirt outfit in pink leather jacket in pink sexy outfit jeans and heels pink leather jacket outfit

A Really Sexy Outfit

Because this color is so soft and delicate, wearing something really sexy (or maybe even racy) in this hue is easier to get away with. A really sexy top in millennial pink creates the perfect balance between sweet and sexy, something that’s quite tricky to achieve.

 sexy-millennial-pink-dresssexy tux mini dress sexy crop top in millennial pink

What other ways can you think of to wear the Millennial Pink color? Let us know by leaving a comment!



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