Alicia Lund: Classic Meets Edgy Bohemian Style

Born and raised in Northern California, Alicia Lund is known for her classic-meets-edgy-bohemian style that mirrors fun and laid back style of an adventurous and stylish woman. She even described her style as a mix of girlie meets edgy tomboy as she wishes to be comfortable with jeans though she also loves heels, jewelry, and fur. Her blog Cheetah is the New Black is a cool yet stylish blog to turn to for style advice and a daily dose of lifestyle inspiration. Also, the name of her blog suggests her love of cheetah and leopard prints as she feels funky when wearing them.

black dress with chic accessories

chic sunglasses and shoes with lace dress fedora hat with camel coat structured bag with black outfit

Dress up a laid-back look with fabulous accessories. When you prefer to have a mix of different styles like Alicia, opt for key pieces that feature your style. Like Alicia, you may opt for chic sunglasses, classic pumps, gold or silver jewelry, structured bags and such for a classic feel. To feature your bohemian vibe, accessories in suede and details with tassels and fringes are great. On the other hand, leather bags, spikes, black accessories give some edgy feel to your laid back looks. Have you pick what style you prefer the most and express them through your accessories.

animal print dress with denim jacket denim flared jeans with cardigan denim jacket with casual outfit

Have fun with casual denim as jeans, jackets, shorts, and shirts that are usually casual pieces but can be dressed up easily with sophisticated ensembles. Alicia always dresses them up fabulously by wearing a denim jacket with heels and often opts for flared jeans with classic blazer or cardigan. Alicia’s blog is proof that denim items don’t have to be a lazy weekend option.

floral maxi dress with chic shades floral print dress with gold jewelry stylish romper with fedora hat white lace dress with classic pumps

For bohemian-inspired style, opt for flowy dresses or rompers with creative prints like floral or Aztec. As an alternative to a bohemian maxi dress, lace dress in neutral shade worn with classic pumps is another means to give some feminine vibe to your outfit. Have your pick which accessories define your style best.

leather jacket with edgy outfit leather trousers with classic top

Toughen your looks with leather ensembles. Leather jacket, leather trousers, leather tops, and even leather skirts add some edgy vibe to your looks whether you’re feeling classic, feminine, or bohemian. Alicia always adds a tough leather jacket to a feminine dress, or plays down a feminine blouse with leather trousers.

snake print blouse with leather joggers leopard print skirt with black sweater camouflage print with sweatshirt

Wear stylish prints but tone them down by wearing neutrals with them. Cheetah print is Alicia’s trademark print and she works it in with shoes, dress, trousers, blazers, skirts, blouses and such. Leopard or cheetah print can be quite bold and over-powering so Alicia always tone it down with white, black, gray, and cream accents allowing the print to remain the focus of the look. Cheetah print actually goes with everything and works really well as a neutral. It’s a fun and fierce way to show off your style in a tamed way. Other prints such as camouflage, floral, tribal, and even funky prints are great to get that classic meets edgy bohemian style.


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