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Accessorize 3D Emerald City and Princess Nail Polish review

So ive posted previously about the accesorize rose gold glitter varnish which i abolutley love and a few of you loved too! So i decided to invest in a few dfferent colours to see if they gave the same effect. The rose gold only needed two coats and my nail was FULL glitter it looked amazing and it lasted really well on the nails too. They are really cheap at £4 too compared to the nails inc prices and you can get the same effect. Here are the colours i purchased…..

accesorize nail polish

I bought “princess” the purple colour and “emerald city” the bluey green colour. They do sell alot of different colours but i thought these two are quite bold and are gorgeous for summer.

accesorize nail polish

Princess. now i havent painted my nails too well here as around the cuticles needs a bit more glitter. However you can see on the rest of the nail the beautiful colour and after two coats ho it gives a full 3D gitter affect. Whenthey glisten in the light they look gorgeous and they catch peoples attention

 . Especially at work people are always asking where i got the varnishes from.

( you can also see what this varnish looks like in my last post about Lush cosmetics )

accesorize nail polish emerald

accesorize nail polish emerald 2

Emerald city. Now these pictures dont do the colour justice as with the rose gold colour they are much more glittery in real life. This is just after two coats and my nails are really bright and attention grabbing. The feel of them is quite grissly so you may chose to wear a top coat over the top to smoothe it out and help it last longer. Also with a top coat it makes the varnish look even more glittery. I think these varnishes will look amazing on holiday and perfect with a tan, especially on your toe nailsto make them look extra cute with a pair of sandals.
Hope you like the colours and let me know if any of ou have purchased any of these and what you think of them 🙂