9 Chic Ways to Wear Eggplant Accents

Eggplant accents whether in the hue of lavender or royal purple can make your style chic. Flirty, elegant, and feminine, these shades have recently become a part of jewel tones trends, but are not going away anytime soon. Looking for ways how to incorporate eggplant accents on your fashion style? Keep on scrolling for our 9 chic ways to wear them.

  1. Classic Shoes

purple heels withh chic outfit

purple shoes with artistic outfit purple shoes with green outfit

Bring some spin on your classic pumps by opting for eggplant accents. Shades of purple or lavender on your shoes can make your simple outfit look stunning and statement-making. You may think of a brightly-colored outfit to clash with the color of your pumps, or even your typical feminine skirt and blouse that will look more stylish with your flirty pumps. Just wear them with muted accessories to let your eggplant accents stand out.

  1. Chic Handbags and Clutches

lavender bag with tank top and pencil skirt purple bag with casual outfit purple clutch with casual chic outfit

Handbag and clutches can complete your casual looks. Like fashion blogger Olivia Palermo, you may add a pop of color to your black overalls and a white blouse with an eggplant-colored handbag, or simply opt for a lavender tank top to match the color of your purple structured bag like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks did. Matching your accessories with your ensembles is a creative way to wear the co-ord trend without looking overdone.

  1. Knitted Scarf and Shawls

purple scarf with sporty chic outfit

Sporty and casual outfits can instantly look chic with a scarf or shawl. Opt for eggplant accents on your neck piece to add some sophisticated and elegant vibe to your outfit. A bandana scarf, a knitted shawl, or even a blanket scarf will do the trick dressing up your most laid back and simplest outfit.

  1. Chic Blouses and Tops

purple button down with skirt purple peplum top with leather trousers purple floral print top with jeans checkered purple top with black skirt

Whether you’re heading to the office, going to a girl’s night out, or even planning for a walk in the city, eggplant accents can make your outfit look chic. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, you may opt for a chiffon blouse in eggplant accents and pair it with a chic midi skirt to make your outfit look office-appropriate. For a casual chic outfit, think of a floral blouse with eggplant shades to dress up your favorite skinny jeans. To add some feminine and sexy edge to your style, look for a peplum blouse in eggplant accents to show off your curves and team it with an edgy pair of leather trousers.

  1. Dressy Trousers

mint green blouse with purple pants purple pants and button down pants with purple clutch purple pants with leather jacket white t-shirt with purple skinny pants

Whether you’re a fan of skinny pants or billowy trousers, eggplant accents can make your style elegant. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, team your billowy trousers with a fitted and structured top like a leather jacket or a chambray shirt perfect for casual chic parties. To make your style more casual, opt for a pair of skinny jeans in eggplant accents and top your looks with casual and plain blouses and jackets.

  1. Feminine Skirts

purple skirt with silk top

Purple is known to be the noblest color especially in the fabric of silks and satins. So, like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, go for a silk midi skirt and team it with a silk printed top perfect for formal occasions, weddings, dinner dates, as well as bachelorette parties. Just polish your looks with a pair of chic pumps and chic sunglasses that complement your outfit.

  1. Flirty Dresses

purple dress with gold shoes purple lace dress with crisscross sandals

Heading to formal parties or special occasions? Going for feminine dresses in eggplant shades can make your looks simple but sophisticated. Jessica Ricks opted for a flowy tube dress and styled it with a pair of gold pumps, gold watch, and a gold necklace making her outfit perfect for glamorous parties. If you’re wishing for a sexy but feminine look, go for a purple lace dress like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did.

  1. Elegant Coats

turtleneck with purple coat and skinny pants classic turtleneck with purple coat purple coat with classic shoes

If you’re a fan of eggplant accents, invest in coats, jackets, and blazers that you can wear with any of your outfits. Whether you’re going for a pastel or neutral combination on your outfit, these eggplant accents on your outerwear can make your style elegant and chic.

  1. Statement Makeup

statement purple lips purple eyeshadow with nude lips

If you’re a fan of red lips that look so sexy, or nude lips that look so natural, it’s time to make a statement with eggplant accents on your makeup. Pastel purple eye shadow can brighten up your look that’s perfect for glamorous parties with your friends. For a bold statement like a red carpet look, opt for a purple lipstick that can do the trick for you. Just keep the rest of your makeup muted when wearing these eggplant accents to avoid looking costumey.

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