8 Fresh Ways to Wear Coated Jeans

Offers high fashion appearance of leather pants, coated jeans are also a fashionable and trendy choice for fashion-forward women who are looking for economical, practical, and stylish street style wear. More breathable than edgy leather pants, coated jeans are a great alternative to give your style some flair in the warmer months. Looking for inspiration on how to incorporate these jeans to your street looks? Keep on reading for our 8 fresh ways to wear coated jeans.

  1. Coated Jeans with Denim Top

coated jeans with chambray shirt

denim jacket with coated jeans and sneakers

Want a great way to look modern in double denim? Coated jeans are the perfect match for a classic chambray shirt or denim jacket to look trendy without looking overdone. Just choose dark coated jeans and a lighter wash of denim top for the most slimming overall silhouette. You could wear a tank top with unbuttoned chambray shirt and coated jeans for casual office days, and trade your chic boots with a pair of brightly colored sneakers for a relaxed casual vibe. Coated jeans are naturally expensive looking, so dressing them down with denim top seems effortlessly cool.

  1. Coated Jeans with Sweater

coated jeans with knitted turtleneck sweater coated jeans with pastel sweater printed sweater with coated jeans

If you are you more of a guy’s girl than a girly girl, play with the leather-look of your coated jeans by matching them with a slouchy, boyfriend style sweater and combat boots. To keep your looks chic, copy fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur’s style of wearing a pair of metallic coated jeans with her chic pastel sweater and polish your outfit with a statement necklace and a pair of metallic silver pumps. This way, you’ll keep the cozy look going without compromising a great style.

  1. Coated Jeans with Leather Jacket

coated jeans with edgy outfit coated jeans with striped top and leather jacket leather jacket with coated jeans and pink pumps leather jacket with white blouse and coated jeans

If you think a leather-on-leather look is too edgy and rocker-ish, then trade your leather trousers with a pair of coated jeans to wear with your leather jacket. Just go for a gothic-print top for an edgy look, striped top for a timeless look, and a white tee for a casual look. Wearing your black coated jeans with your black leather jacket and a black blouse will make your monochromatic outfit look chic and fashionable like Annabelle Fleur did.

  1. Coated Jeans with Office Blazer

coated jeans with camel blazer and blouse coated jeans with camel blazer coated jeans with sleek blazer modern corporate outfit

Are you tired of wearing your typical straight leg pants with your office blazer? Then trade them for a pair of coated jeans in a neutral shade that looks more appropriate for office than a pair of edgy leather trousers. Just polish your outfit with a chic top with your office blazer and add some chic accessories like a printed scarf, brooches, and classic pumps. If you’re body confident, go for lighter coated jeans that show off your womanly curves. For a more slenderizing effect, you can stick with black coated jeans.

  1. Coated Jeans with Borrowed-from-Boys Top

borrowed from boys outfit coated jeans with tuxedo blazer and tee coated jeans with tuxedo blazer structured blazer with coated jeans

Looking for ways to look edgy without wearing leather on your outfit? Then opt for a structured, boxy, or even a borrowed-from-boys top to wear with your coated jeans. Whether you wish to wear a button-down shirt, plain tee, casual shirt, or a tank top with your tuxedo blazer, you’ll look edgy in a trendy and fashion-forward way. Just add some complementing footwear to your outfit like a pair of animal print boots, slip-on sneakers, pointy ankle boots, and even oxfords to complete your borrowed-from-boys street style.

  1. Coated Jeans with Button-Down Shirt

coated jeans with button down shirt coated jeans with pastel coat coated jeans with printed shirt and coat

You’ll look chic for days in an edgy-meets-classic outfit of coated jeans worn with a chic button-down shirt and a pair of ankle boots. This is an outfit that works for the office, but can also be dressed up for a date night by adding a few, glamorous accessories. To make your jeans work for a chic setting, copy fashion blogger Jane Aldridge’s style wearing a dark button-down shirt with her coated jeans and a pair of peep-toe pumps.

  1. Coated Jeans with Shiny Tops

coated jeans with coated coat coated jeans with silk top

When you wear coated jeans for evening, grab everyone’s attention when you choose separates that play up their shiny appearance. A silk top, metallic gold blouse, satin blazer, sequin tank top and such are a beautiful complement to coated jeans of any color. A top that features some shine is also a great way to draw attention upward on your body and away from any trouble areas on a larger bottom half.

  1. Coated Jeans with Coats

coated jeans with wool coat coated jeans with puffer coat coated jeans with fur coat

Layer a luxurious, touchable fur coat over an outfit of coated jeans and you’re good to go. Coated jeans are style-friendly than leather trousers especially in rainy seasons. Think of wool coats, chesterfield coats, puffer coats and such to make your street style look chic while keeping you warm and comfortable.

Indeed, coated jeans are a fashion must-have for every woman seeking for a comfortable, practical, and fashion-forward street style.

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