7 Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid of Immediately

If you find yourself staring at your closet full of clothes and feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear, going shopping may be the only solution to freshen up your style. However, purging your closet is actually the best way to refresh your style as you don’t need more clothing, you need less. So, keep on reading for the 7 types of clothing you should get rid of immediately to refresh your style.

  1. “Junk clothing” or anything that is stained and damaged beyond repair.

denim skirt with eyelet top

vintage dress with gray boots

Are you particularly hard on your bags, shoes, or clothes? Remember, clothes are meant to be worn until they worn out, so you’ll get the most of what you paid for. If they’re stained and damaged beyond repair, maybe it’s time to get them out of your wardrobe. This may include vintage dresses that discolored as the time had passed, as well as your everyday tee and skirt that worn out.

  1. Pieces you’ve either never worn, or only worn once.

preppy jumper dress with blouse tropical print dress

There are pieces you’ve never worn, or worn only once lying in your closet. Some of them might be statement-making or printed so you don’t want to wear them again, making you look like repeating your clothes, as well as hand-me-down clothes that don’t flatter your personality. If they were bought for special occasions, or fit in a certain way, you might need them in the future. But if not, toss them.

  1. “Clone clothing” or clothes you have multiples of.

floral print romper white dress with sneakers

Having timeless basics in your closet is a great foundation of a timeless wardrobe. However, if you notice that you’ve got six of the same floral romper, or white dress, lay them all out and think about exactly what it was that made you think these pieces were so different to begin with. Pick your favorites from each group and hang them back in your closet.

  1. Anything that doesn’t fit perfectly on you.

oversized sweater with jeans sexy beach outfit

There are clothes that don’t fit perfectly on you, or would fit if you were a skinnier, fatter, taller, shorter, and such. Lay out all the stuff you own that no longer fits, and think what makes them unflattering for you. If your changing weight means you often find your pants or sweater either too big or too small, you might want to consider switching to something with more stretch or a different style that can better adapt to your changing body.

  1. “Lazy-day clothing” or super-comfy house clothes you only wear when you are feeling lazy.

chambray shorts with casual tank preppy jumper dress

These clothes are ones you won’t likely wear outside the house including worn out sweatshirts, oversized, stained T-shirts, saggy-bottomed yoga pants. Regardless how comfortable they are, they won’t inspire you to have a more organized life and a more fashionable style. So, better opt for comfortable ones that look neat and sleek that you can wear on your lazy days.

  1. Pieces you once loved and wore all the time, but now hate.

all black outfit with blazer vintage dress with wedge boots

Whether you’ve changed your style or your job, there are clothes you once loved and wore all the time, but now hate. Don’t think that you might like them again in the future, especially if you were just copying a style you thought looked cool on someone else. Remember, your closet is intended for clothes you really love.

  1. “Filler” or anything remaining that you just plain don’t like.

black pants with white blouse belted blouse with denim skirt

Whether they’re giveaway pieces or something that turns you off, they don’t deserve a space in your closet so toss them now. By heeding these simple guidelines, you’ll save more time for deciding on what to wear, and save money buying the pieces you actually love.

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