7 Styles You Can Create with Your Black Dress

A well-known fashion designer said that one is never over-dresses or underdressed with a black dress. Whether you’re going for a party-ready look, sexy chic look, or a classic fashion statement, keep on reading for creative styles you can have with your black dresses.

  1. Classic Fashion Style

black dress with classic pumps

black dress with pearl necklace classic-knitted-dress-with-statement-pumps classic off shoulder dress with striped pumps polka dots maxi dress

Classic fashion style has the clean lines, simple silhouettes, conservative cuts that can be complemented with understated accessories to create the look perfect for formal and solemn events. Think of dress styles like turtleneck, pussy bow, and off-shoulder that are the trademark of the classic fashion. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may go for simple and refined jewelry like pearl necklaces and metallic bracelets that will complement your black outfit and a classic trench coat. Or, you can stick to classic black pumps and structured bag to keep your black dress the focal point of your outfit.

  1. Modern Fashion Style

black cut out dress with mules classic dress with ankle strap sandals maxi dress with leather jacket tuxedo dress with strappy sandals white button down shirt with tube dress

There are modern styles of black dresses that you may go for like a cut-out style, asymmetrical style, architectural style, and even tuxedo dresses that are borrowed from menswear department redefining the modern style of a modern woman. However, if you don’t wish to splurge on fresh styles of these dresses, you may refresh your plain black dress by styling them modernly. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may wear a button down shirt beneath your black tube dress, or simply top your black maxi dress with a leather jacket that modernize your looks.

  1. Edgy Fashion Style

black dress with knitted cardigan gold chanel chain belt in black dress edgy black dress with studded backpack black-body-con-dress-with-edgy-boots

Looking edgy on your style doesn’t mean piling on spikes and studs on your accessories, as well as wearing leather ensembles head-to-toe. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may think of a black dress with body con fit and wear it with a pair of edgy sandals. Or, like fashion blogger Chiara Ferrgani, opt for oxfords and gold chain belts to look edgy while keeping your elegant style.

  1. Glamorous Fashion Style

colorful necklace with black dress metallic accessories with little black dress silver clutch with lace dress

Whether you feel celebratory or just wish for a party-ready look, a black dress can be the best choice on your wardrobe. You may think of shimmering and dazzling touches on your accessories like going for silver and gold jewelry, elegant clutches, and feminine shoes. If you feel your black dress seem too simple, then like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, spice it up with statement footwear like going for a pair of gold pumps or chic sandals.

  1. Sexy and Chic Looks

cut out black dress with strappy sandals sexy see through dress with pumps sexy black dress with strappy sandals

Pulling off a sexy and chic look with your black dress can be tricky. But, for a safer bet, you may go for sexy necklines, backless styles, cut-out structures, and form-fitting silhouette. If you feel more daring and adventurous to your looks, wearing sheer and see through dresses in creative cuts and style can make your outfit more stunning without losing the chic and elegant vibe in you.

  1. Gothic Fashion Style

bib necklace with black dress black maxi dress with hat gothic outfit with boots gothic outfit with statement belt

The gothic fashion style is known for its black palette with Victorian-inspired touches on accessories and shoes. Platform boots, Doc Marten boots, wide-brimmed hats, chokers, Victorian-inspired belts, corsets, and such are great for channeling the gothic look. To make you looks more gothic, you may think of wearing black tights with your short dresses as well as other gothic-inspired accessories with it.

  1. Vintage Fashion Style

vintage maxi dress collared dress with boots and socks black lace dress with boots

Vintage fashion can be quite tricky to pull off, but a vintage black dress can make it easier for you. As the black itself is timeless, you may wear your vintage dresses with peasant styles, maxi lengths, and conservative necklines with modern and chic accessories to revamp the style of your dresses.

Indeed, a black dress can create multiple fashion styles to suit your personality and mood. Be tasteful styling them with your accessories to create the looks that turn heads.

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