7 Prints and Patterns that Never Go Out of Style

Geometric patterns, novelty prints, and watercolor-inspired prints are indeed eye-catching and trendy nowadays. However, if you’re looking for timeless pieces that you can wear regardless of the season, you may think carefully as loud prints are not always in style. So, keep on reading for our 7 prints and patterns that never go out of style.

  1. Stripes

nautical striped dress with summer hat

vintage striped dress with patent boots striped sweater with coat striped dress with biker vest

You can never go wrong with stripes as long as you place them strategically when you wear them on your outfits. Breton stripes are perfect for the summer to give you some nautical-inspired look. When you’re worried for horizontal stripes making you look wider, consider topping your outfit with a vest, jacket, or coat that will do the tricks for you. Stripes can also be worn with whatever style you’re having as it be worn for a modern look or even a vintage style.

  1. Animal Prints

animal print outfit zebra print top eith pants zebra print dress leopard print dress

Leopard is a pattern that can definitely be worn all year long and across climates. It’s also beloved in just about any format from sweaters to shoes, pants to purses. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may think of a leopard print dress that will give you some edgy yet chic look perfect for the scorching heat this summer. Mixing other prints with animal prints is not encouraged as it will only take away the sophistication in you. However, teaming leopard, zebra, snake, and other animal prints together can create a cohesive look.

  1. Plaid or Tartan

plaid skirt with boho outfit plaid skirt with graphic top

The classic Scottish pattern may seem too autumnal for year-round wear, but you can actually wear them to create multiple looks. Plaid shirts, sweaters, and skirts are always safe bets. You may channel some grunge and bohemian vibe with a tartan skirt worn with a graphic top or boho-inspired top. Though tartan doesn’t tend to translate as well into accessories like bags, shoes, and belts, a plaid scarf has a place in every woman’s wardrobe.

  1. Floral Prints

breezy floral skirt with camel jacket floral print dressfloral print sweater with ankle boots floral blazer with chic outfit

Though floral prints were long reserved for spring and summer wear, you can now wear them on the winter season as dresses, tops, sweaters, and skirts look lovely in these prints. If you’re aiming for a romantic look, opt for floral prints in shades of pastels and feminine shades while retro floral prints will inject a vintage vibe to your looks.

  1. Checks

checkered skirt with pastel coat checkered sweater with leather skirt

Whether you’re a fan of retro looks or modern looks, checkered pieces will surely fit your style. To create a retro look, team your checkered sweater with a patent leather skirt and a pair of platform shoes with socks and you’re good to go. For a modern style, simply opt for a checkered piece that you can team with your pastel and structured pieces that will give your street style some modern yet creative vibe.

  1. Houndstooth

houndstooth shorts with chic top houndstooth skirt with printed coat

Most black and white prints and patterns have staying power, but houndstooth deserves a special shout-out. This bold print adds a dash of dapper menswear influence to any outfit, and does a great job of creating visual movement and interest. Like street style star Miroslava Duma, think of a houndstooth print skirt that can add some flair to your classic turtleneck top, or add some trendy vibe with a printed coat.

  1. Baroque-Inspired Prints

baroque dress with red pants baroque print coat with vintage outfit baroque print coat with leather jacket

Though baroque prints are known for iconic eras, their elegance is timeless. Baroque-inspired prints are often found in brocade fabrics in gold, burgundy, and black trims. So, if you’re looking for an elegant and glamorous look, opt for baroque-inspired patterns that will do the tricks for you. Indeed, prints and patterns add some flair to our street style, so be sure to pick ones that flatter your personality and fashion statement.

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