7 Playful Ways to Wear Orange

Many women find that orange color is really hard to pull off as it can hardly look sophisticated and elegant especially on more formal settings. Since the color is playful itself, orange can add some natural glow to your skin, except for women with pale complexion, making your street style look more cheery and vibrant. Keep on reading for our 7 playful ways to wear orange.

  1. Start small with orange colored accessories.

leather bracelet with orange clutch and tweed outfit

orange bag with cobalt blue dress orange belt and clutch with white outfit orange fur scarf with neutral outfit

If you wish to look playful on your street looks, but don’t know how to incorporate the orange color on your outfits, then, start out small with your accessories. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may simply opt for a bright orange bag to wear with your blue dress or a matching clutch and bracelet in orange color to spice up your tweed outfit. An orange-colored fur scarf can also be worn to add a pop of color to your neutral outfits making it look lively and vibrant. Some ideas for starting with orange include ballet flats, floppy hats, cocktail rings, headband or sunglasses.

  1. Opt for a shade of orange that looks great on you.

avant-garde sweater with orange skirt orange dress maxi dress with strappy sandals orange dress with strappy sandals orange knitted dress with camel coat

Though orange looks vibrant and cheery, it doesn’t flatter everyone’s complexion, especially pale women. So when opting for an orange dress or a matching set, make sure that the shade itself flatters you giving your skin some glow instead of just making you look sick. Tangerine, neon orange, dark-orange, red-orange, or pastel orange can be your choices when picking the best shade for you. When you have a fair or even olive complexion, a bright orange color or even a burnt orange hue will help you to stand out in a crowd in a fabulous way. On the other hand, a pale complexion will look better in a darker shade of orange compared to bright and lighter ones.

  1. Add some pop of color to your neutral outfits with orange pieces.

orange jacket with blue clutch orange pants with black top orange patent leather skirt with knitted top orange tank top with black shorts and cardigan white chiffon blouse with orange shorts

If you think your neutral outfits look too dull and boring, then add some pop of color with an orange-colored jacket, skirt, pants, or shorts. Generally, the hues of camel, brown, gray, and white are the safest neutral you can wear with the playful color. Wearing orange with black is a kind of risky as it screams a “Halloween” look. The only time that black and orange might work together is if you have an item of clothing with a pattern on it that ties the two shades together. But unless it’s October, you may wish steer clear with the color combination of orange and black.

  1. Make your looks intentional by wearing orange with unexpected color combinations.

dark orange pants with pink and red top mustard coat with orange pants orange and blue outfit with clutch pink and orange outfit with cute necklace

Wearing orange with shades of yellow may scream a summer look for where the tangerine and lemon mixed together. However, wearing unexpected color combinations of orange and pink, orange and cobalt blue, orange and pink, and orange and red seem a fashion faux pas, but now an acceptable and fashion-forward trend you may go for.

  1. Opt for color blocked pieces with a hint of orange.

color blocked coat with sneakers navy and orange vest with white dress orange and pink dress

If you feel wearing the unexpected color combinations too daunting for you, then effortlessly wear the trend by opting with color blocked pieces with a hint of orange. Fashion blogger Mary Orton looked effortlessly chic in her office outfit by wearing a color blocked navy and orange vest with her white shirt dress and black pumps.

  1. Add some playful vibe to your outfit by wearing your orange pieces with printed ones.

blue crop top with orange skirt cute blouse with orange pants dark orange sweater with floral skirt statement coat with orange dress striped top with orange pants

Looking for a playful way to look quirky? Then wear your orange pieces with printed ensembles. For a casual chic look, copy Kristina Bazan’s style of wearing a printed sky blue top with a pair of orange pants making her look girly and cheery. If you’re intending to wear orange to the office, then be inspired by Mary Orton of wearing a dark orange sweater with a floral pencil skirt that made her outfit a bit creative but sleek.

  1. Wear several orange pieces in your outfit to create a playful look.

orange scarf with orange pants and black coat orange pants with orange coat and leather gloves orange pants and pumps with chiffon blouse orange jacket and pumps with striped skirt orange coat with orange pants and nude pumps dark orange blazer with white pants

Instead of wearing orange head-to-toe, just go for two to three ensembles in orange shades as the color itself can make you look like a pumpkin, and can make you visible from afar. Wearing an orange cardigan and shoes with your white pants as well as wearing an orange fur scarf with your orange jeans while keeping your other pieces neutral will give an intentional look without going overboard.

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