7 Non Boring Ways to Wear White Sneakers

While no one can argue that a good pair of heels can take any look to the next level, it is also undeniable that a pair of white sneakers is, sometimes, all that you need to make an outfit look extra cool and chic and, with the recent hype about white sneakers lately, it shouldn’t be that hard for you to find a pair that you like. If you’re worried that white sneakers are far too plain and might have you ending up with a dull and lifeless look, fret not. Here are some tips and ideas for non boring ways to wear white sneakers.

  1. With a non-white monochromatic outfit – want to make your white sneakers pop? Wear them with a monochromatic outfit in a contrasting color and watch them become the focal point of your look in a snap.monochromatic yellow outfit with white sneakers
    monochromatic navy and white sneakers
  2. With an all-white outfit – on the other hand, if you’re going for the purist look with a hint of minimalism, you can also opt to wear your white sneakers with an all white ensemble. This will give you a look that’s both edgy and sophisticated.all white outfit all white look with white sneakers
  3. With a miniskirt – if you’re looking for a way to wear a miniskirt with a less girly and flirty vibe, you can always inject a healthy dose of sporty vibes to your outfit by wearing your mini with a pair of low key white sneakers.miniskirt and white sneakers with silver cap toe miniskirt on gigi hadid
  4. With winter neutrals – for a winter-friendly look, you can wear your white sneakers with neutrals shades like black and gray. This will create a look that’s stylish and cool.winter neutrals and white sneakersmonochromatic all black look
  5. With jeans – the most basic and most popular way to wear white sneakers, or any kind of sneakers for that matter, is to pair it up with jeans to create a quick and easy casual or street style look.jeans ands neakers outfit kendall jener jeans and striped shirt
  6. With long dresses – want to do something that’s out of the ordinary? Try wearing your sneakers with long dresses. The dressier the ensemble, the more edgy your look will turn out to be. The trick to pulling this combination off is to pick the right dress length, preferably one that stops a few inches above the ankles, to keep a contemporary look rather than an outdated one.long dress and leather jacket with white sneakers long dress and white sneakers
  7. With a mod outfit – give a mod outfit from the 60s a more modern twist by pairing it up with the ever trendy white sneakers. This is a great way to create something that’s super cool and super fashionable.

mod floral dress with white sneakers mod dress mini and white sneakers

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