7 Ideas on What to Wear with Your Knitted Fall Staples

One of the best things I love about the fall season is being able to cozily wear knitted pieces. I think knits just have a very warm and relaxed look and feel to them that I never go without at least one or two knitted pieces to wear in my closet during this time of the year. If you love knits as much as I do, check out these tips and ideas on what to wear with your knitted fall staples.

  • JEANS – nothing screams a relaxed and casual fall look more than knits and jeans. Wear jeans with an oversized knitted sweater to create a nice, warm outfit perfect for a lazy day.jeans and blush colored knit
    jeans and knitted sweater
  • PLAID – going for a classic fall look? Layer up your knitted sweater over a plaid shirt or wear it with something plaid. Plaid and knits are basic fall staples that go unbelievably well together. Together they make a great fall go-to combo.plaid pants and cable knit sweater plaid shirt under knitted sweater
  • LEATHER – because knits usually have a very comfy and relaxed look, it can be challenging if you’re aiming to give it a more sleek and polished vibe. One way to do this, though, is to pair up whatever knitted piece you have with leather. Knitted pullover + leather pants = chic street style outfit. Knitted sweater dress + leather boots = sexy fall look.leather jacket and knitted dressleather leggings and pullover leather jacket and knitted dress
  • TULLE – create a soft and feminine outfit by pairing up your knitted pieces with tulle. If you’re bold enough, you might want to pull off a Carrie Bradshaw. Otherwise, you can stick to simpler and less fluffy tulle skirts.tulle detail on knitted sweater tulle skirt in pink and cropped knit sweater
  • LACE – not a fan of tulle? Don’t worry, you can still create girly outfits with your knitted pieces this fall and that is by wearing your knits with lace. It can be anything from a lace scarf to a lace cardigan or even something as small and subtle as a DIY lace trim on your knit.lace and knit lace shorts and chunky knit sweater
  • KNITS – think you can’t pull off knit on knit? Think again! The key to wearing double knit successfully is to wear one big piece and another small one like a knit sweater and a knit scarf. It’s all about proportion and not making it look like you’re going for a head to toe knitted look.double knit double knit accessories
  • FUR – if you’re looking for an extremely warm and cozy combo to sport this fall, how about wearing your knits with some fur? This is a great combo to wear if you live in a place where fall tends to get really cold and wet since both knits and fur are great for keeping yourself warm.

fur and knit fur purse and knitted sweater


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