7 Highlighter Tips for the Perfect Glow

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, I’m sure you’re very familiar with highlighter – that glow-y, shimmery goodness that comes in the form of powder, cream, stick, and more. I personally love highlighter more than bronzer because I’m usually all about the “healthy glow” which highlighter makes so easy to achieve. Here are a few highlighter tips for you to get the perfect glow.golden bronze highlighted look

soft and subtle glow

  1. Choose the right highlighter for you – not all highlighters are created equal. They come in different forms with different benefits. Cream highlighters, for instance, are great if you have dry skin because it will not make it look flaky or emphasize the dryness while powder is perfect if you want to achieve a very subtle glow.summer glow makeup
  2. Pick the perfect highlight color – highlighters come in a variety of colors and each color can give off a different effect so picking the right color is crucial to achieving the perfect glow. Champagne and bisque tone highlighters are universally flattering but peach and pink toned ones are great for adding that radiant look.gorgeous highlight makeup
  3. Know where to highlight – basically, you’ll want to put your highlighter on the high points on your faces including the nose bridge, the center of your forehead, your cupids bow, the highest points of your cheeks. Bronzer and highlighter usually go beside each other but you can always skip the bronzer part and just do highlighter instead if you want a softer, glowing look.super subtle highlight
  4. Apply highlighter after foundation – it may seem pretty obvious but some women still make the mistake of applying highlighter before foundation. Highlighter goes on top of foundation and doing otherwise just defeats the purpose of highlighter.natural makeup
  5. Blend until it looks natural – you don’t want a harsh streak of highlighter anywhere on your face so blending until it looks like you’re glowing from within is the key to really pulling it off and getting the perfect glow.trendy makeup look
  6. Use it in moderation – when using highlighter, it’s important to exercise control. You only really need a little bit (most of the time, a single dab will do) on each part that you want to highlight. If you’re new at this, be sure to put on a little bit at a time as you can always add more compared to when you go all out and find out later that you put on too much.perfect highlight for summer
  7. Blend with your fingers – no matter if it’s cream, powder, liquid, or gel, blending your highlighter with your fingers will always bring out the best results.simple glowing makeup look fresh makeup look


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