7 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Eyebrows on Fleek

Eyebrows are having a moment right now and while we have nothing against natural-looking brows, there’s no denying that those beauty bloggers on Youtube and Instagram definitely have what most of us would call “brow goals”. If you’ve been drooling over those 15-second clips showing perfectly groomed and shaped brows, check out these tips on foolproof ways to get your eyebrows on fleek.

  1. Go for brow grooming and clean up – the first step you need to take if you want to have eyebrows on fleek is to make sure that your brows are groomed and clean. If you’re a newbie in the brow game, going to a professional to get this done is always a good idea. Doing this will ensure that your brows look their best when made up.natural brows on fleek
    brown brows celeb
  2. Get your “brows on fleek” kit ready – so, what’s inside a “brows on fleek kit”, you ask? At the very least, you should have a pair of tweezers, a brow pencil, some brow mascara / gel, and concealer (pencil form preferred). This kit will serve as your best friend in achieving that on fleek look.zendaya eyebrows
  3. Start by outlining your brows to desired shape – not all natural brow shapes will have that “on fleek” shape but the good news is that you can always shape your brows to get that vibe. Start by outlining your brows to your desired shape with a pencil. Try to stay as close to the natural hairs as possible to prevent the look of bald spots.great brow look
  4. Fill your brows in – when filling your brows in, use shorter strokes instead of long ones to achieve more of a natural look. Shorter strokes mimic natural hair better so it’s the best way to fill in your brows no matter what brow product you’re using.eye brows on fleek simple makeup and clean brows
  5. Emphasize your arch and the brow tail – these two parts of your brows are the most important places to put emphasis on when trying to get that “brows on fleek” look. Be sure to get a lot of definition going on in these areas for an intense, on point look.demi lovato brows
  6. Set everything with brow gel – once you’re happy with the look of your brows, set everything in place with some brow gel. Clear brow gel is highly recommended for beginners since it’s pretty hard to mess your brows up with them but tinted brow gel is better for giving your brows a more vibrant look.neutral makeup and brows
  7. Clean up around the edges – the last step in doing your brows and getting them on fleek is cleaning up around the edges. This step takes your brow game up a notch. Take some concealer and just go around the edges to give your brows some more definition and to get rid of extra product that might be hanging there, too.brows on fleek with red lip natural looking brows


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