7 Creative Ways to Wear Houndstooth Patterns

Houndstooth pattern or commonly referred as dogtooth is a graphic pattern that can make a big statement while staying classy on your fashion style. However, this pattern can look too formal or too classy for a modern style that some women avoid them. Looking for creative ways to wear houndstooth patterns that look flattering for you? Keep on reading for our 7 styling tricks.

  1. Choose a color combination of the pattern that looks good on you.

houndstooth coat with dressy outfit

houndstooth dress with red coat houndstooth shift dress modern houndstooth print outfit blue and white houndstooth dress with gold slip on sandals

Though black and white houndstooth pattern is the traditional and classic version, there are a lot of variations ranging from red-and-black, blue-and-white, brown-and-cream, as well as a metallic version with ombre styles that you may go for. The contrast it creates in black and white houndstooth amazing only on warm and cool undertones, but not pale women as the contrast will only look overpowering and unflattering for them. Not every woman can pull off the black and white houndstooth pattern as it looks too formal and classic. So, for a modern take on houndstooth patterns, copy Taylor Swift’s style of wearing an ombre-colored matching set of a houndstooth cropped sweater and jogger pants paired with an asymmetric pair of strappy sandals making her outfit chic and glamorous.

  1. Opt for a houndstooth-print ensemble to be your statement piece.

houndstooth cropeed sweater with leather vest and dress pants houndstooth pants with graphic top houndstooth skirt with sweater and tights houndstooth sweater with skinny pants and flat shoes houndstooth top with leather skirt and coathoundstooth pants with blue top

When selecting a houndstooth print top or bottom, choose the right size for your frame as big prints look good on big ladies, while petite women would look overwhelmed in them. Petites should choose a small to medium size houndstooth pattern while tall ladies should opt for full-sized houndstooth pattern as minute prints will only make them look disproportionally larger. Though these archetypal patterns also a great companion to strong blocks of color, better keep your outfit muted to avoid clashing with your statement. A plain cobalt blue sweater with a pair of houndstooth print pants or a houndstooth-print sweater with a pair of black pants will be great.

  1. Go for a houndstooth print dress for a classic statement.

houndstooth dress with leather jacket and boots houndstooth dress with porkpies hat houndstooth midi dress red and black hounstooth dress with statement shoes

When picking for a houndstooth-print dress, opt for a fine and elegant fabric to keep your statement classy and elegant. A good tailoring and a perfect fit is a must, especially on this graphic print, as the pattern should match at all seams perfectly, and the line it creates at the hem should be straight. A houndstooth print dress will go great together with thigh-high boots, classic pumps, and even ankle boots. Just finish your outfit with leather accessories, chic clutch, structured bag, or a silk scarf.

  1. Wear the print-on-print trend with your houndstooth ensembles.

houndstooth blouse with houndstooth blazer houndstooth blouse with plaid skirt houndstooth matching set with edgy boots houndstooth top and blazer with leather pants

Houndstooth is a classic pattern that makes a statement. Since print mixing is now regarded as trendy and fashion forward, you may think of wearing your houndstooth pattern with other prints to make a bolder and modern statement. You may wear it with other simpler patterns like pinstripe, checks, and plaids in a muted palette to avoid looking flashy. If you’re not prepared for mixing your prints, then wear your houndstooth print top with a houndstooth print blazer, but keep the pattern scale different while keeping the same shades of your houndstooth pattern. This way, you’ll look more coordinated and classic.

  1. Create a stylish layer with your houndstooth pattern.

houndstooth coats with scarf and jeans houndstooth poncho with blue shirt houndstooth sweater with button down shirt and accordion skirt houndstooth top with red button down shirt and classic pants

Whether your wish for a houndstooth-print poncho or a houndstooth-print sweater, stylish layers will make your outfit creative and chic. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may think of wearing your houndstooth sweater with your typical office outfit to add some personality to your style. Wearing your houndstooth sweater with a bold-colored button-down shirt and blazer is a creative way of looking trendy while keeping your statement classic.

  1. Opt for a houndstooth-print accessory to add some interest to your simple outfit.

houndstooth blanket scarf with casual outfit houndstooth shawl with casual outfit

When you feel challenging to create a put together looks by mixing and matching your outfit, then go for houndstooth print accessories to add some life to your boring looks. Houndstooth pattern is the perfect addition to a wardrobe full of solids like black, grey, navy, brown, white, and such. A houndstooth print bag, scarf, belt, shoes, and boots will instantly revamp your simple street style leaving a classic and bold statement without putting much effort on your outfits.

  1. Top your neutral and simple outfits with houndstooth coats and blazers.

houndstooth coat with skinny jeans houndstooth coat with black outfit houndstooth blazer with wide leg pants

Coats and blazers will indeed add some classic and sophisticated touch to whatever outfit you’re wearing. Though it will look perfect in a chic outfit in dressy fabrics, houndstooth coats can instantly make your casual outfit chic and elegant.

Indeed, houndstooth pattern is a must-have in your wardrobe to get more creative styles from your existing fashion pieces.

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