7 Color Combinations Perfect for Spring

Colorful and alive, spring is a reason to celebrate as its bubbly and light ambiance gives way to the start of another blooming season. Since flowers bloom everywhere in the spring, it’s also the perfect time to bring back the life and colors to your wardrobe. Keep on reading for our 7 color combinations that will make your personal style perfect for spring season.

  1. Brown and Mustard

brown top with mustard pants

mustard sweater with brown vest and pants

Reflecting the sunny and earthy vibe, brown and mustard is a great pair for the spring season. This color is great if you wish to keep your style muted and grounded, so you’ll not blend with the flowers on your backyard. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may go for a mustard turtleneck top and a brown cropped jacket and pants to show off your seasonal style. Suede boots may be the traditional pick for this color combination, but going for a pair of animal print pumps will give you a sophisticated, yet springy vibe.

  1. Blue and Orange

orange clutch with blue maxi dress orange shorts with blue top and lace up sandals orange outfit with blue coat and clutch

This color combination of blue and orange may be a bit daunting to wear in the office since orange is known as a playful color and your workmates might not take you seriously because of your color preference. So, save this color combination for your street style. There is simply something different with this pair as orange is not exactly too contrasting with blue like yellow and blue isn’t too saturated for orange. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may go for a blue maxi dress and just a pop of color on it with an orange envelope clutch. This way, you’ll look trendy without going overboard.

  1. Pink and Red

pink outfit with red coat and yellow clutch red outfit with pink coat and blue clutch pink pants with red sweater and green shoes

A color combination that is known as a fashion faux pas, wearing pink and red combination on your street style can make you look feminine and chic. The color of the rose and blush, pink and red are great for outfit combinations of sweater and pants, as well as jumpsuits and coats. Just make your outfit combination look intentional by incorporating other bright colors on your accessories like a blue clutch or a yellow bag like Veronica Popoiacu did.

  1. Blue and Yellow

blue coat with ywllow pants and pumps yellow top with blue skirt yellow tank top with blue jeans yellow clutch with blue pants and printed top blue jeans with yellow top

Known to be the clashing color combination, blue and yellow outfits are perfect for your street style. Blue as the color of your denim jeans, it would be easier for you to look for yellow-colored tops like a tank top, turtleneck sweater, plain tee, or even a printed blouse. Like Veronica, add some bold statement to your outfit by wearing a statement necklace with geometric details, or a quirky clutch with novelty print. This way, you’ll look more vibrant, playful, and energetic in the spring season.

  1. Yellow and Purple

yellow sweater with purple skirt yellow-dress-with purple sandals

Yellow as a blinding shade and purple as a royal color, combining the bright hue with something elegant will tone down the royalty feel of a dark purple color, making it wearable casually. If you feel your purple leather skirt is too formal for your street style, then, tone it down with a yellow sweater that looks cozy and cool. This way, you’ll keep your outfit vibrant, chic, and breezy in the spring time.

  1. Red and Yellow

mustard sweater with burgundy pants yellow blazer with red pants yellow blazer with red pants and purple top

Both blinding shades that steal the show, the color combination of red and yellow looks a bit daunting to pull off especially on daytime. Though wearing those bright shades can be vibrant enough to bring some color to your style, you may think of going for a darker or muted shade of the hue to make it perfect on your street looks. Burgundy pants with mustard sweater still look cheery, but not blinding enough.

  1. Pink and Green

green bag with pink top and casual shorts green dress with pink bag

Pink is often paired up with blue as it is pink’s unofficial opposite. Though this may sometimes seem true, pairing pink with green, which resembles the flowers and green leaves, can be ideal for the spring season. Green is a refreshing color and its “gender-neutrality” aspect tones down the “for girls” stereotype of pink.

Wear these color combinations on your spring fashion style to look vibrant, playful, and fresh in your street looks.

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