6 Ways to Wear Combat Boots

If you’ve always been a girly girl, combat boots may not be something you would consider adding to your wardrobe. The rugged look and the tough vibe that these give off tends to be a little too macho for fashionistas who love embracing their girly side and creating ultra chic and feminine looks. However, it wouldn’t hurt to at least give these babies a try, would it? Check out these really easy and stylish ways to wear combat boots.

  1. With jeans – the easiest way to pull off combat boots is to wear them with jeans. This combo essentially allows you to wear just about any top you can pull out from your closet, save for the ultra dressy ones with super ritzy details (of course). It’s a great everyday outfit that works when you need a throw-and-go kind of combo.jeans boyfriend style and combat boots
    jeans and combat bootsgrunge 90s outfit grungy outfit with combat boots
  2. With leggings – another really easy way to pull off combat boots is to wear them with leggings. This combo works just as well as the one with jeans but it has a bit more of a girly vibe to it, thanks to the addition of leggings to the mix. It’s also a tad more comfortable.leggings and combat boots outfit leggings and vest with combat boots
  3. With a grunge theme – with so many 90s trends making a comeback today, seeing the grunge look everywhere should come as no surprise. The grunge look is perfect for those who want a look that’s both cool and stylish and for those who don’t want anything too girly. One of the staples that you need to create a grunge look is a pair of combat boots. Check out the photos below for inspiration.grunge 90s outfit grungy outfit with combat boots
  4. With a dress – it may seem like an odd combination but it sure works. The tough, rugged vibe from combat boots go in perfect contrast with the girly, charming vibes from a fun (and maybe a little flirty) dress.dress and knitted cardigan with combat boots dress for summer and combat boots
  5. With denim shorts – combat boots are often worn during the colder days of fall and winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them beyond those seasons. One way to pull off wearing combat boots during warmer days is to wear them with denim shorts to get that spring-summer-y look.denim shorts white shirt combat boots denim black shorts
  6. With something sexy – if you’re afraid you’ll end up with a slightly more macho outfit that you can carry when wearing combat boots, you can always add more feminine flair to your look to achieve a more balanced look. Pairing up your combat boots with something sexy is one way to get this done.sexy outfit and combat boots sexy dress with brown combat boots


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