6 Way to Get Away with Leather in Summer

Wearing leather in the summer may seem crazy and impossible without the pain and discomfort but, trust me, it can be done. Of course, you can’t expect to wear leather from head to toe and feel comfy so the key, really is to do it in moderation. Here are some tips on how to get away with wearing leather in summer.

  1. One piece at a time – as mentioned above, one of the biggest secrets to pulling off leather in the summer is to wear it in moderation so wear one piece at a time and, if possible, wear it small. If you’re uncomfortable with wearing leather clothing at all, you can opt to go with leather accessories instead.leather pants and denim top
    leather mini skirt and white tank top
  2. Wear it in color – black leather is sleek and chic, sure, but it gives off too much of that fall / winter vibe sometimes so if you want to achieve a more spring / summery look and you don’t mind going faux, go for colored leather.blue leather jacket pink leather jacket and floral dress
  3. Try a leather vest – instead of going for a leather jacket to top your look off with, try a leather vest. Leather vests are so much lighter and cooler compared to leather jackets, making them so much more appropriate for the warmer days of summer.vest in white leather with striped dress vest and black dress for summer
  4. Mix it up with lighter and cooler fabrics – another way to pull off leather during a hot summer day is to mix it up with lighter and cooler fabrics. Lighter and cooler fabrics will compensate for the warmth of your leather piece, making it easier for you to get away with leather in summer. Leather and cotton, for example, is a great combination to rock during this season.mixed fabrics outfit leather and cotton mixed fabrics leather cotton and denim
  5. Wear leather shorts – yes, it’s still going to be a little uncomfortable compared to wearing just cotton shorts but it’s a lot less uncomfortable compared to full-on leather pants. The best time to pull this off with as little discomfort as possible is on a breezy summer night.shorts and tank top shorts and crop top
  6. Wear it loose – what makes leather uncomfortable is the way it clings to your skin when you sweat so to avoid that, wearing loose leather pieces is what you need to do. When choosing a leather skirt for the summer, go for the A-line silhouette instead of a pencil cut. Leather crop tops? Sure, but try to get the loose and boxy kind. Avoiding too much contact can make leather a lot less uncomfortable.loose leather dress and shirt loose crop top leather


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