6 Types of Stripes to Wear Now

Stripes are a huge trend this season that you may wish to incorporate into your summer looks. However, there was an influx of stripe styles from the iconic Breton to the awning stripes, and more. So, keep on reading for the 6 common types of stripes you may wear now.

  1. Breton Stripes

breton tee with black and white skirt

striped top with orange pants striped top and blazer with white pants sneakers with striped top and denim overalls red valentino shoes with midi skirt and striped tee

The iconic Breton stripe originated as part of the French naval uniform and is still made fashionable by street style starts. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you can get a modern update on a Breton shirt as worn with a brightly colored full skirt on your street looks. Or, effortlessly channel the nautical-chic fashion by copying Nicole Warne’s style wearing a Breton striped top with a sailor blazer and white pants.

  1. Barcode Stripes

barcode stiped jumpsuit with chunky sandals striped dress with classic pumps striped crop top with skirt

The barcode stripes are known for its different sized stripes spaced very closely resembling a barcode. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, bring some flair to your office look with a body con striped dress worn with classic pumps, making your outfit look trendy yet office-appropriate.

  1. Pin Stripe or Pencil Stripes

striped jumpsuit with sunglasses striped skirt with white blouse striped romper with jacket and gladiator sandals striped romper with chic sunglasses

The most famous of all stripes, pinstripes are usually reserved for men’s suiting. In this type of stripes, the white background is always larger than the thin stripes. Women can rock the narrow stripe as well, but to keep it looking fashion forward, opt for non-work silhouettes like a romper, jumpsuit, or a tulip skirt. Like Kristina Bazan, opt for pencil stripes on your trousers that will look perfect with a chic blouse, making your office outfit a bit classic yet modern.

  1. Candy Stripes or Rainbow Stripes

neon tangerine top with striped skirt rainbow striped sequin dress rainbow striped dress rainbow striped crop top with denim culottes

Candy stripes probably make you think of either a barber shop or a hospital, but by definition, a candy stripe is really any mix of colored stripes on a white background. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, update your summer style by opting for a candy striped maxi dress giving you a perfect blend of sweet and sexy.

  1. Shadow Stripes

striped maxidress striped pants with chic top and trench coat striped pants and white top with slides

Known for its vertical, even, colored pattern stripes with another stripe bordering it to create a shadow effect, shadow stripes vary in width and consist of two to three colors. You may even find shirtdress with multi-colored stripes patterns. However, keep in mind that shirt dresses with more than two colors are usually more inclined towards casual wear rather than for the workplace.

  1. Awning or Jail Stripes

striped dress and pumps with hat pink striped dress with orange print tote navy and white striped dress

This stripes pattern is the widest sized stripes and usually consists of evenly spaced solid stripes on white. Shirts that incorporate awning stripes tend to be mostly casual and weren’t recommended for the workplace. Wide stripes make a bold statement, especially in bright colors. However, jail stripes may not the most flattering look, so better choose a sophisticated silhouette. Indeed, stripes are one of the timeless patterns you may invest for since they can be worn in any season.

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