6 Truths of Building a Timeless Capsule Wardrobe

Most women have stuffed closets and still find themselves “nothing to wear”. Remember, if you only buy pieces you really love, you’ll have 100% of your closet in rotation 100% of the time. So, keep on reading for the 6 truths of building a timeless capsule wardrobe.

  1. Neutral colors are your building blocks.



Neutrals are versatile, and because it has no-clash factor, it means the outfit combinations are nearly endless. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, you may go for an all-black outfit on your casual weekends and still look polished and classy. Also, filling your wardrobe with calm palette like blues, whites, grays, browns, and even low-key stripes is a quick way to master the art of looking put together. Remember, neutral hues are also a solid foundation for any flashes of bright color you toss on here and there.

  1. Certain silhouettes are timeless.

full-skirt-with-lace-blouse vintage-white-fit-and-flare-dress-with-silk-scarf

Whether it’s a crisp button-down shirt, classic slim-fit jeans, a long cardigan, fit-and-flare dress, fitted top, full skirt, or a streamlined motorcycle jacket, certain shapes will never be rendered obsolete because they’re free of trendy details. Wondering how to spot such a thing when you’re browsing? You should be able to imagine yourself wearing it in five years or more.

  1. For something to last, it must be made well.


Before investing in a timeless staple, examine it first. Leather should be soft but sturdy while sweaters should be made of soft yarn, and jeans should be comfy but still hold their shape. Even though you’re aiming for a casual look, your denim shorts and white tee should be made from sturdy fabrics and neat stitching. Then, it’s all about taking care of these staples so they only get better with age.

  1. Expect to try on lots of clothes to find the ones you love.

cropped-polka-dots-shirt-with-full-skirt high-waist-pants-with-printed-blouse

If you used to wearing solid blocks of colors, you may think of adding some print on your style. Like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, you may go for a polka dots shirt that will look perfectly with your pastel blue full skirt. Occasionally, you happen upon the perfect items or a designer who seems tailor made for you, but do not let it stop you if you want to take a number of items into the dressing room. Make it an adventure and, most importantly, learn from each experience. If you are not having luck at the stores you usually go to, find new ones.

  1. Special extras can transform your outfit to perfectly awesome.

hat-with-gray-slit-dress-and-jacket tank-top-with-sea-inspired-necklace

The right add-ons, like chic sunglasses, wide-brim hat, everyday jewelry, and statement shoes, are an uncomplicated way to make your basic outfits more interesting. Like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, spice up your basic tank top with a statement necklace with seashell details that will add some personality to your looks.

  1. A great wardrobe doesn’t happen overnight.

blue-tank-top-with-white-shorts-and-woven-bag jeans-with-sneakers-and-coat

You have to put some thought and effort into it before building a wardrobe you love. Just follow our guidelines so you’ll have a timeless capsule wardrobe that’s stylish and functional for your everyday look.

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