6 Tricks to Look Rich with a Small Budget Wardrobe

You may never purchase any expensive designer clothes at full price, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look great. If fast fashion pieces are the majority of your wardrobe, as you keep an eye on your finances, the trick is to make sure you’re buying the right kinds of pieces and caring for them properly so that no one would ever guess you paid so little for your outfit.

  1. Fabric selection is the key.

classy bodycon dress with flat shoes

modern outfit with structured coat and chic bag

If you can’t go for natural fabrics, you can at least opt for high quality tweed, cotton, and linen that often look expensive even if they’re not. You may even think of stretchy dresses and lightweight tops that are wrinkle resistant as wrinkles can even make expensive clothes cheap. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, a draped white dress can even make you feel expensive by wearing it with your fancy cuffs and nude ballet flats.

  1. Classic black always looks more expensive and can hide the signs of a budget piece.

all black outfit with classy handbag and hat gold choker necklace with all black outfit

Black is an opulent shade that looks classy and timeless. Though a monochromatic shade will work all the time, adding some classic neutrals or metallic gold or silver accents will make it look even more expensive.  Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, you may think of leather trousers, black top, black knee boots, and a black coat that will look put-together, and will look glamorous with a gold choker.

  1. Replace the cheap plastic buttons and built-in belts to immediately make it look more upscale.

classy nude jumpsuit urban outfit with structured camel coat

If you find a great fitting coat or blazer that is made of a material that does not wrinkle easily, simply replace the cheap plastic buttons to immediately make it look more upscale. Also, if you purchase a dress or jumpsuit that comes with its own sash or belt, it’s always best to swap it out for one of your more expensive belts. Remember, the cheap belts that are included are always a giveaway for a budget piece.

  1. Take your store-bought items to a tailor.

metallic gold dress with coat trench duster coat with pants

If you have some pieces that you just love but maybe don’t wear anymore because of fit, it may be worthwhile to take them to a tailor. Even if you purchase something you really love but the fit is slightly off, a piece that is custom fit to your body will always look more expensive. Also, an ill-fitting expensive dress will look cheap over a less expensive tailored one.

  1. Never over-accessorize.

blue dress with transluscent heels winter white outfit with saddle bag

Though a beautiful necklace can really dress up a simple, inexpensive outfit, you may also pay attention to your bag, shoes, and belt. Remember, too many accessories will risk looking like you’re just trying to cover up a cheap outfit with more cheap stuff. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may think of gold-toned sandals and bag that will add some flair to your cobalt blue dress.

  1. If you’re purchasing lower-priced pumps, opt for faux suede rather than faux leather.

suede pumps with casual chic outfit red suede pumps with quirky shift dress

Faux suede typically looks more real over faux leather. Also, never wear shoes that are all sorts of worn out. In fact, even expensive shoes that are worn to the grown can cheapen your entire look. So, keep shoes together with a trip to the shoe repair to replace heels or fix up scuffs when needed. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look rich with a small budget wardrobe.

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