6 Trends Perfect for Petite Women

Though there’s no right or wrong trend for short or tall women, there are a few looks that simply aren’t ideal for women who are on the shorter side. Some of them are oversized coats, heavy layers, and even ankle strap footwear. We truly believe there’s a way to make most trends work for most body types, and seeing what trends work best for you will make your street style fashionable and trendy. Looking for clues which trends are perfect for your petite frame? Keep on scrolling for our 6 picks.

  1. Stripes

black and white striped dress with strappy sandals

striped skirt with crop top striped dress with ankle strap sandals striped blazer with pink pants

While we love the classic horizontal stripes especially on a T-shirt, you can instantly grow an inch or two by wearing vertical stripes instead. So, flip those lines around by opting for horizontal stripes, slanting stripes, and chevron stripes especially on your bottom part to give some illusion of longer legs therefore, making you look visually taller and leaner. Horizontal striped blazers, chevron skirts, or even tulip dresses for where the stripes follow the line of your dress’ silhouette will look flattering for you.

  1. High-Waist Bottoms

high waist maxi skirt with lace crop top sequin top with high waist skirt and boots high waist skirt with crop top

Create a long and lean look by embracing the high waist trend. When it comes to fall fashion trends for short women, high waist trousers and skirt are a stylish and flattering option. Just choose a pair of loose, tailored trousers for a polished look, and a full or pencil style on high waist skirts. You may think of wearing a form-fitting top with them, even a crop top to reveal some hint of skin on your midriff making you look leaner and taller.

  1. Compact Handbags

compact bag with casual chic outfit envelope clutch with blue party dress compact bags with boyfriend jeans and pink top

For more petite women, an oversized tote bag can swamp your figure. Lucky for you, then, that compact handbags are having a trending moment right now. Elegant clutches, pearl clutches, and small handbags look much better proportioned than an oversized ‘it’ bag, and looks simply chic on you. Feel free to go for box styles, rounded styles, and even envelope styles of bags that look trendier and fashion-forward.

  1. Peplum Tops

peplum blouse with pastel pants peplum top with black pants and blue pumps

You can easily work with the peplum trend no matter what height you are. When looking at this fall fashion trend for petite women, just focus on where the peplum detail sits as it can affect your visual height making you taller or shorter. Remember to keep the peplum detail around the waist if you’re petite as anything lower, like a dropped-waist style, can swamp your figure totally.

  1. Midi and Maxi Lengths

black dress with brightly colored pumps printed dress with white pumps and bag metallic maxi skirt with gold belt maxi skirt with lace crop top brightly printed maxi dress with clutch

Midi lengths can be great for you when the hemline of your skirts and dresses just fall on your knees as calf-grazing hemlines will end up making an already petite frame appear even shorter. Whether shorter dresses and skirts may look appropriate at some times as the more skin you show is the more you’ll look taller. However, you can still wear black dresses in knee-length styles that will look just great on you. So, try to either stick to styles that on knees or go for a flattering floor-length skirt for the most elongating look.

  1. Nude Footwear

nude heels with printed maxi dress nude ankle strap sandals with chic outfit nude ankle strap sandals with chic outfit and tweed blazer metallic pumps with casual chic outfit

Nude footwear really flatters everyone no matter what height you have. But for a petite woman, nude heels in the shade closest to your skin tone are the best option to elongate your frame visually. You may opt for sleek pointy-toe heels, which will do wonders by appearing to lengthen your legs. Ankle-strap shoes visually divide your leg, making it look shorter, and frankly, rounded-toe heels with cap-toe style don’t give you that long and lean illusion. But, you can still partake to the growing trend of ankle strap footwear as long as you keep the color close to your skin tone by making them the extension of your legs.

When we first take notice of trends, they’re usually on the catwalks and being modeled by women who are six-foot-enormous. So, when dressing for certain trends, always consider how it can flatter you so you’ll create the most fashionable looks.

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