6 Tips and Tricks to Create Beautifully Layered Looks this WInter

Layering is perhaps one of the most useful styling tricks that you can do during the fall and winter time to keep yourself warm and cozy while also maintaining a fabulous look. It is important to note, however, that layering can work both ways: it can make you look fab or it can make you look drab and frumpy. Here are various tips and tricks to create beautifully layered looks this winter.

  1. Choose your pieces well – the key to achieving a stylish look and a clean silhouette when layering clothes for winter is to choose pieces that pair up and layer well together. Avoid wearing loose fitting pieces underneath form-fitting ones to keep them from creating unpleasant crumply frumps.neutral outfit with camel coat
    office chic layered look
  2. Keep layers down to a minimum – the ultimate rule in layering is to keep your layers to a minimum. Pile on as little clothes as possible to make sure that you maintain a desirable silhouette. Your layers should be comfy and won’t leave you too cold or too warm.simple outfit with print accent street style outfit
  3. Color combination is crucial – when layering pieces together to create a certain look, you’ll want to make sure that the colors you use are either contrasting or from the same color family / color palette. This will ensure you that you will have a stylish and comprehensive outfit that will look great and will be easy on the eyes.chic winter outfit stylish winter outfit
  4. Try to stick to a theme – it doesn’t have to be something elaborate or bold, even a theme as simple as “all neautral” or “soft and dainty” can help you create your layered look easier. This will help you choose pieces more efficiently, too.black and white with gray accents chic winter look
  5. Always top off your look with gorgeous outerwear – a strong and bold outerwear can help really take your outfit to the next level so make sure you don’t skimp out on it and make sure you have one that will transform your outfit and give it the style cred it deserves.aztec inspired print outewear tall boots and mini skirt for winter
  6. A touch of trendy never hurt anybody – another thing that you can do when trying to create stylish layered outfits for winter is to look out for trends that you can incorporate into your look. This year, for example, turtleneck tops are on trend and you can sport one and layer it with a simple collared shirt on top for a preppy look or underneath a sheath dress for your own unique spin on winter boudoir dressing.

fur vest and maroon jumper chunky knit scarf as top layer

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