6 Sweater Styles for Big Busted Ladies

Having a big bust can be both a blessing and a curse. Many women wish to have bigger busts because it helps make you look sexier but at the same time women who actually have big busts wish they had theirs smaller because it can sometimes be a hindrance, especially when it comes to fitting clothes. If you’re a big busted lass, check out these sweater styles that are perfect for your figure.

  1. V-neck sweaters – v-neck sweaters are ideal for big busted ladies because the long neckline will give you an elongated look that will trick the eye into seeing a thinner silhouette and a smaller bust. Make sure not to opt for sweaters with very low V necklines, though, as those tend to give the opposite effect, highlighting your bust instead of taking the attention away from it.v neck sweater
    v neck sweater in neutral palette
  2. Fine knit sweaters – chunky sweaters are super cute and on trend right now but if you have a big bust, it’s best to avoid them as they can make your bust even bigger. Instead, reach for fine knit sweaters with a trim fit that hugs your figure just right. Doing this will help streamline the upper torso and make your bust look more proportional.fine knit lace up sweater fine knit sweater dress
  3. Asymmetrical sweater – sweaters with an asymmetrical detail, be it on the neckline, the hem, the print or anywhere else, is a good pick for women with big busts. Asymmetrical details make big busts look smaller and they also have a slight elongating effect that can make you look taller and slimmer.asymmetrical detail on sweater asymmetrical hem zip up sweater
  4. Scoop neck sweaters – another sweater style that’s perfect for big busted ladies are scoop neck sweaters. Scoop neck sweaters show off the collar bones which, aside from being super sexy, are great at taking away attention from the breasts. Again, as with V-neck sweaters, make sure that the scoop neckline isn’t too low because that can be counterproductive.scoop neck stripe sweater scoop neck sweater outfit kourtney k
  5. Printed sweaters – printed sweaters are great for adding an element of fun to your look but aside from that, did you know that they do a good job of making the breasts look smaller, too? Of course, you’ll have to make sure that the print design on your sweater is not intentionally meant to emphasize the bust.printed hearts sweater printed aztec design sweater
  6. Wrap style sweaters – last on this list of sweater styles for big busted women are wrap style sweaters. Though they tend to emphasize the bust, they give a nice definition to them too which adds a nice, subtle sexy vibe to any look.wrap style sweater outfit wrap aroud sweater in black


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